Zante 2013!

On the 7th July I flew out to Zante with 8 other girls for what would turn out to be one of the best weeks of my life! Well, I say we flew out on the 7th. Half an hour into our flight we landed in Gatwick so the plane people could check out a problem with the aircraft. Many hours and swearwords later, we were checked in to the Hilton for the night (the 4 hours left of it) and were told to be back at Gatwick Airport ready to fly at 11am. I eventually shook off my grumpy mood, enjoyed the second flight and landed in the baking hot Zante on the evening of the 8th. After dumping our bags and meeting our reps, we explored the pool area before getting ready and heading out for the first of six mad nights out on the strip!

 photo 1_zps40f0948c.jpg
All smiles at Manchester Airport before departure!

 photo 2_zps72ef6f35.jpg

 photo 3_zps35485303.jpg
The photo we were taking in the photo above...grumpy faces at around 2am at Gatwick

Boy it was a hot week. Baking hot. I went for a henna tattoo and the man said to me "Do you think it is nice and hot or too f***ing boiling?!" I thought the heat was gorgeous (I love the heat) but some of the girls definitely thought it was too hot! I spent the days eating (the idea of achieving a zante-body went out the window as soon as I arrived, holiday mode for me = food!), walking, sunbathing and of course swimming in the pool and the beautiful sea. We also went on a pedalo for an hour one afternoon, during which we swam in the deep and chased after turtles!

 photo 4a_zpsb1bbb6f9.jpg

 photo 5_zpsb1d914bf.jpg
Pedalo times!

 photo 4_zps2d87a636.jpg
Calamari is my fave.

The evenings were spent on the strip - a long road that held tourist shops during the day which gave way to bars and clubs at night. Monday was the Cherry Bay beach party, Tuesday we saw Vernon Kay DJing, Wednesday was Zoofari, Thursday was a random night of unorganised fun, Friday was the Paint Party (best night of my life) and Saturday the Frat Party (both with a free bar...lethal!). Most nights also consisted of a few rounds of laughing gas and hilarious photos being taken, followed by fake KFC for me while we all escorted each other back to the hotel in the early hours.

 photo 6_zpsfd53fee6.jpg
I attempted to wear my hair down this night, but it was too hot. I don't know how the other girls did it!

 photo 7_zps7461ea3c.jpg
Shots, shots, shots!

 photo 8_zpscc9bdd96.jpg
Laughing gas. Most amazing minute of my life.

 photo 9_zps30e64f52.jpg
I wore these lashes all week! Larvely pout.

 photo 11_zps499ce259.jpg
No clue where this was taken or why there is a stop sign behind us...happy chappies!

 photo 10_zpse30eec88.jpg
This was my face every night - SMILE!

We went for a few meals out (I ate a lot of calamari and moussaka) but before our meal on the last night, Moira and I went to get our tattoos that we had booked a few days before. Yep, real tattoos. In Zante. No we weren't drunk, and no I do not regret it one bit - I love it! I got a little turtle on my foot and it is very special to me.

 photo 12_zps8f8fe1f6.jpg
Before the paint party, love this gyal

 photo 13_zps6f7a287b.jpg
All 9 of us before the paint party...nice clean tops...

 photo 14_zpsb133d478.jpg
And after.

 photo 15_zpse655af6e.jpg
Me on the last night getting all excited about my turtle before saying goodbye to the sea...

 photo 16_zps283aa066.jpg
Sunkissed, tired, hungover but happy!

If any of you are thinking of going on a group holiday to Zante or one of the other party islands, here are a few tips...
...wait until you have had a few nights out in a big city before booking a party holiday (the nightlife is pretty mental, you do need to have your wits about you even if you are getting hammered!)
...go with a bigger group than just 2 or 3 (unless you are the bestest of friends and are prepared to do a lot of compromising!) so that you can split off or spend time with other people if anyone is getting on your nerves
...take plenty of money (both pound sterling and the foreign currency), both cash and on a card unless you know how secure your hotel is (I took half on a card, half cash but if I went back to the same hotel I would take all cash because I now know how secure it is)
...take flat shoes and clothes that you don't mind getting ruined (especially if you are planning on going to a paint party!)
...discuss beforehand what events (if any) you want to sign up to (and pay for!) if you are going on a holiday that offers events as your reps probably won't give you much time/space to discuss this when you arrive!
...take lots of sunscreen, start with a high factor then work down - or do as I did and stick with factor 30 all week. If you don't end up tanning naturally, you can always fake it, it is better than getting burnt.
...drink lots of water and eat plenty. Please.
...stay safe, listen to the advice you are given by your reps but most importantly HAVE FUN! You only live once and you (or your parents, lucky thing!) have paid for this holiday so you might as well enjoy it. Don't stress, try new things and make lots of memories! 

Have you been on a girls holiday? Ever been to Zante? Who's coming with me next year?!

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  1. ahhh your holiday looks fantastic! The dresses look so cool after the paint party!

    So jealous, I've never been on a girls holiday and I really want to before I feel I'm "too old" haha. Maybe I will next year?! xo

  2. I went to Zante a few years back and I Found the laughing gas a weird experience haha. Your pointers are definitely on the mark. The drinks are a lot stronger there too.

    New followers

    Carrieanne x


  3. Aw I love that you got a little turtle tattoo, what a special souvenir to bring home with you! haha
    I've visited Zante before but for a family holiday and couldn't imagine it being such a party place.
    Looks like you guys had a lovely time though, especially after the carry on with the plane to begin with!

    Best wishes, Danielle


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