On Saturday I went to another bloggers meetup (I think this was my 4th) organised by Hayley (TeaPartyBeauty) who did an amazing job! We all but took over Patisserie Valerie for drinks, free cake (so so so good) and chatter for a couple of hours which was a lovely way to get to know some of the other attendees better. I was too busy chatting and drooling over my chocolate cake to take photos of everyone, but there are a lot of photo-laden posts about the meetup floating about so go have a look!

I live about a 20 minute bus journey from the centre of Leeds so meetups held in the city centre are a winner for me! I met Siobhan (@Si0bhanEmma) and Katie (@CurledFantasies) beforehand and walked to the venue together. When we arrived, we found Hayley bringing in the last of the goodybags (of which there were loads). She had put so much work in to the day and I hope she managed to relax and enjoy it as much as the rest of us did.

After spending a couple of hours eating cake, chatting and being handed giveaway prizes (I won an amazing hair spray, clay and body butter!) we went to do a bit of shopping. I had to leave for work (boo) but by that time most of the group had lost each other anyway as there were so many of us! 

 photo 2013-09-01_1378053097_zpsc51b5c2f.jpg
Yummy chocolatey spongey goodness

 photo 2013-09-05_1378388738_zpscf7f4969.jpg

 photo 2013-09-05_1378388840_zps01fd61e4.jpg

 photo 2013-09-05_1378388815_zps0b1dfff5.jpg

This is a rather short post due to the lack of photos, but I just want to say a massive thank you to Hayley for organising such a lovely afternoon and for putting together the amazing goodybags!

Let me know if you have a look at the posts put together by anyone else who attended the meetup!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it :) The only pics that matter are the cake ones hehe.

    Thank you so much for coming, it was great to meet you.



  2. This looks awesome! :) I'm friends with Danni who went also and she said it was such a good day! Can't wait to go to a meetup xx

  3. Your cake looks beautiful! I had the cheesecake and wussed out after about half - so FULL!



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