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This dress arrived in the post a few weeks ago but I have been waiting for a decent morning (ie not fog/mist/rain/darkness) so I could take outfit photos outside and I was finally blessed with a dry and fairly sunny start to the day today!

I honestly didn't think I would like this dress as much as I do! I don't own any other tunic-style dresses and wasn't sure if they would suit my body shape but having worn this I can now say I really like the style. I played around with footwear as you can see and proved to myself how versatile this dress is - worn with boots and a chunky scarf for the day and heels and other accessories for the evening. I would also consider wearing this with higher heels and bare legs if I was going out for drinks one night, as the length of the dress paired with heels would really elongate anybody's legs!

I definitely want to try some more tunic dresses, especially ones from Ark as they have so many nice ones on the website. One of the nine Ark stores is in Leeds which is a very good thing for me, however I do need to be strict with myself as I am supposed to be saving and I know I could easily buy up the whole store!

Do you like this Ark tunic dress? Which shoes would you wear it with?

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