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When I first started my blog almost 3 years ago, I would never have imagined that it could lead to me having my own business. However, that is exactly what has happened! The past 4 months have been a whirlwind what with leaving college, finishing my A-levels, a summer full of sun and making crazy memories and beginning to build my own business.

So how did it all start?
I was contacted back in May by Natalie, an Arbonne Independent Consultant, who asked if I would be interested in trying some products (something which, as a blogger, I could not turn down!). We met up, she gave me some samples and explained a bit about Arbonne. What really impressed me initially was the fact that Arbonne products are botanically based, contain no nasty chemicals and are all vegan-approved. I have always been interested in skincare and cosmetics and while I didn’t know a lot about chemicals and ingredients, have always been conscious of what I was putting in and on my body, so these products really appealed to me. I tried some skincare, primer and foundation and was not disappointed. I have tried many different samples of products during my time as a beauty blogger and I could instantly tell that these were in a different league.

So what happened next?
Natalie invited me to an Arbonne opportunity presentation and I immediately understood the business model and how it makes perfect sense for 21st century lifestyles and challenges. So, I became an Independent Arbonne Consultant myself and am now thoroughly enjoying making my business grow. As well as fantastic skincare, hair-care and cosmetics there is also a nutritional range, a baby-care range and an anti-ageing range, so definitely something for everyone.

So what's so special about the products?
As I mentioned before, Arbonne products contain no nasties and are vegan-approved, but equally importantly have visible results. My own skin has showed a marked improvement since using the Arbonne FC5 face wash and moisturiser for oily/combination skin and I am also taking the immunity drink as an aid to combating the immuno-suppressant effects of my Crohn’s medication; the little girl I babysit for is enjoying a huge improvement in her skin since using the nappy cream on her eczema; my Mum and sister are loving the shampoo and even my Dad has remarked on how good he’s finding the shaving gel!

..and the company?
Arbonne products are sold through network marketing, which is basically word-of-mouth recommendations, and therefore no money goes into wholesalers, retailers, advertising etc. This makes the fact that Arbonne has been mentioned in publications such as Vogue even more impressive. In June 2010, Vogue magazine wroteDespite 30 years in the skincare game, Arbonne is still flying relatively low under the radar in the UK. However, with an award-winning range of wonder products and an army of loyal followers across the globe (including a few Vogue magazine staffers), one has to ask: how long before the secret gets out?”

So what is network marketing?
While direct-selling is the most widely-recognised alternative to traditional retail, for me, network marketing is the business model that better suits our modern lifestyle. Arbonne clients purchase online at their convenience and have their products delivered straight to their door. This means that I can build a business anywhere across the country or even the globe.

So how will this affect itsneecola?
While I have no intention of pushing either the products or the business on people, I’m happy to share the secret I’ve discovered and if you would like to try some samples, order anything or learn any more about Arbonne, please get in touch. Equally, if this isn’t for you but you feel it might appeal to someone you know, feel free to pass on my contact details.
I will always be interested in new beauty releases and other products on the market, however from now on I will be a bit more careful about precisely what ingredients they contain, especially after watching a recent episode of Watchdog during which they discussed the chemical Methylisothiazolinone  (MI).

So how can we buy products?
If you would like to try samples of any products before buying, please send me an email!
There are three ways to get involved with Arbonne...
  • As a client – enjoy products at the Standard Retail Price
  • As a preferred client – £15 joining fee, enjoy at least 20% discount off the Standard Retail Price on all products
  • As an independent consultant – £54 joining fee, starter kit, enjoy at least 35% discount off the Standard Retail Price on all products, unlimited income potential, Mercedes-Benz programme, personal growth
Visit arbonneinternational.co.uk, click on 'Join Arbonne', select the level at which you would like to join and enter my ID 441117872 in Step 3. You can join Arbonne using my ID no matter where you are in the country! If you would like to become a consultant, do get in touch so that I can give you all the support you need to build your business.

 photo joinarbonne_zpsc7d56e91.png
How to become a Client/Preferred Client/Independent Consultant

I hope this post has made sense. I can't wait to start sharing more Arbonne products with you on itsneecola and am excited to see where this business takes me! I would love your feedback so please get in touch.

Find me on BloglovinTwitter, Tumblr and Instagram @itsneecola, or email nicnaknoko2@gmail.com
Arbonne Independent Consultant, ID: 441117872
For Arbonne business or product enquiries, email nicola.sharp13@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. whyyyyyyy have I only just read this! Nicola it's so well written and sums everything up perfectly xo


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