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At the start of January the blogosphere was inundated with New Years Resolutions posts, and I couldn't help but notice that a lot of them mentioned organisation as something to be improved on in 2014. A few weeks later I received a huge box in the post from Viking, a box full of stationary goodies (and a hot chocolate bundle pack which is yummy but irrelevant to this post!) which prompted me to start a new mini series on my blog all about organisation, starting with stationary!

I love stationary, for me that was the only good thing about going back to school after the holidays; a fresh new start stationary-wise! There are loads of places to buy stationary at a range of prices, from Paperchase and WHSmith to Wilkisons and Tescos! If you'd rather buy online Viking would be a great option as they sell a huge range of products at affordable prices and you can buy everything in one place.

Ballpoint Pens: these are a must for me. I don't have loyalty to one particular brand as long as they do the job! My dad is into fancy pens but they're not my cup of tea because they run out and I lose them all the time (especially when I was at school and college - I was the pushover in the class who would 'lend' everyone her spare pens and then never get them back). This pack contains four different colours (black, blue, red and green) which is useful for note-taking and colour-coordinating.

Rubber Bandsthese are so useful for keeping things organised, neat and tidy. You could go for a colourful batch if you wanted to take the colour-coordinating to a whole new level but I know that this box of plain brown bands will last me a long time!

Notepad: again, I don't really have any loyalty to one brand of notepads over another but I have used Pukka Pads before and they are great. This pack of three is brilliant as you could use one for blogging, one for school/college/uni note-taking and one for general day-to-day lists. I always have multiple notepads on the go so this pack will come in handy!

Pocket Notepadare brilliant as they can be easily kept in your handbag/coat pocket with a small pen or pencil for on-the-go inspiration and thoughts. Again, this would be great for jotting down blogging ideas, shopping lists, to-do lists or sudden inspiration for your number 1 hit.

Post-it Notes: Now these have got to be colourful! Post-it notes are so useful for so many different things. I used them throughout exam season for sticking key pieces of info around my room as part of my revision. My friend Beth writes her to-dos on them and sticks them on the day the task needs doing. Once she's done each task she throws the post-it note away so keeps her diary neat!

Highlighters: Again, these have to be colourful! I've never used anything other than stabilo boss highlighters (I don't think I've ever come across other highlighters...) so having a fresh new pack is brilliant. To me, these are more valuable than biros and I never let people borrow them in high school or college (unless I really liked them and knew I would get them back). These are brilliant for highlighting key pieces of information in recipes, lists, revision notes...

Multi-coloured Paper Clips: These don't have to be colourful but its loads more fun when they are! Obviously, these are useful for keeping papers and documents together or temporarily attaching key info to another document etc. Just what you need when you are trying to stay organised.

USB Stick: if you've ever lost your coursework before printing your final draft, you will know how crucial these are for school/college/uni. Your USB is your best friend when it comes to transporting work between home and school and for backing up your coursework (however don't rely on it - attach really important pieces of work to an email and save it on a couple of computers in case you lose your USB stick).

As I've pointed out plenty of times in this post, stationary is so useful, particularly for those of us who are trying to lead somewhat-organised lives! I think my next post in this mini-series will be about storage...what are your storage tips?

What are your must-have stationary bits? How do you use stationary to help with organisation?

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