Get ready for Summer and National Bikini Day!

I was recently contacted by the lovely ladies at Swimwear 365 asking if I would like to work with them again (see my review of the bikini they sent me here!), this time with their campaign counting down to National Bikini Day. Of course I said yes and have been reading their blog and their National Bikini Day page on their main website for tips and tricks to get ready for the summer. I thought this was the perfect excuse to put together a blog post here on itsneecola with all my tips and tricks for getting summer-ready, whether you are going abroad or staying at home!

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First things first: Beach Body.
At this time of year so much focus is put on getting the 'perfect' beach body through exercise and healthy eating, which is great but I would like to focus on working with the bodies we already have and focus on things like fake tan and fashion rather than toning and sculpting. I used to tan naturally in the sun but, due to my Crohn's disease and medication I have to be extra careful in the sun nowadays as I'm at a higher risk of getting skin cancer. (I'm not entirely sure why, I will learn more about it in the future, but for now my nurses have been very stern with me when it comes to what SPF I should use!) This means that I've been perfecting my fake-tan routine as I love having a tan, especially in the summer months. This involves exfoliating (less often than I should really!), shaving (or waxing, if you prefer), moisturising (again, less frequently than I should) and finally tanning about once a week, or every other day if I'm using a gradual tanner. I'm trialling a new chemical-free fake tan at the moment so might do a review on that soon if you're interested?

Secondly: Summer Skin.
By this I mean yo beautiful face. I tend not to fake tan my face as I'm too scared I will look like I've fallen headfirst in a muddy puddle, so I stick to the bronzer and a fluffly brush. My skin preparation for the summer goes something like this: cleansing and moisturising daily, morning and night. Exfoliation about once a week, as with my body to remove all the dead skin (ew) and give me a fresh, smooth base for my makeup. When I exfoliate I also give my lips a quick scrub too to keep them smooth. I tend to keep my makeup very light and fresh in the summer months and I might do a 'Get The Look' post surrounding summer makeup...

Thirdly: Hands and Feet.
Again, exfoliate! Well, this applies more to feet than hands really. If you're getting your feet out this summer by the pool, the beach or at the park in your flip-flops then you're gonna want to exfoliate those babies after a long winter of being hidden. As for polish, I will be doing a separate post about my favourite polishes for summer, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Last but not least: Inside Out.
I may not be the best role model when it comes to healthy eating and exercise (although I have my moments where I really commit to it, and I am determined to get into a health and fitness routine when I've moved house and settled in!) but I do do pretty well when it comes to drinking water. When I drink plenty of water I notice a difference in how I feel within myself and how my body and skin looks...I look and feel properly hydrated again!

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You can follow Swimwear365's countdown to National Bikini Day, which is on the 5th July, on twitter using the hashtags #LoveNBD and #NationalBikiniDay. Also, check out their NBD section on their website for giveaways and tips, along with their blog for National Bikini Day blog posts.

How do you get ready for summer? Please share any tips in the comments below or tweet me @itsneecola!

or email nicnaknoko2@gmail.com / nicola.sharp13@hotmail.co.uk


  1. I really like the idea of national bikini day. Some great tips :)

    Coleoftheballl33.blogspot.co.uk Xx

    1. It is a nice idea isn't it! Thanks x

  2. Great post ,love!You have great blog:)Following you now via GFC,hope you'll do the same!
    xoxo Antonella!

    1. Thank you! Will have a look at your blog! :) x

  3. I'm so terrible with things like this. I'm one of those people that just doesn't really care too much, especially after my surgery. I always wanted to be someone who made more of an effort but I think I rocked my swimsuit this year nonetheless.

    Are you on Azathioprine? My Gastro told me it makes you more sun sensitive due to the stuff in it. I was slathering on SPF30 all the time!

    1. I'm sure you did - all your holiday pics looked amazing btw!
      I used to be on Azathioprine but I'm now on Infliximab and Mercaptopurine, but I was told to be careful in the sun as soon as I was diagnosed - my nurses scared me into wearing SPF30 all the time?! x


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