What's in my coach bag?

You may or may not be aware that during my gap year I have been spending a heck of a lot of time to-ing and fro-ing to London on the coach to visit my boyfriend Josh. This has meant that I have got into a pretty good routine when it comes to coach journeys (if you need to know how to get a seat to yourself and keep it that way, just ask!) and have narrowed my coach bag contents down to a useful few items that won't break your back.

Obviously I take my suitcase too, but that goes under the coach. This post is all about the things I take in my hand luggage as it were - my on-board coach bag.

 photo ab8eb274-f26d-4643-af7b-84c62d537a68_zps8eb87bb0.jpg
After taking these photos I realised Josh was calling me via FaceTime haha, oops!

Overall summary of contents:
Scarf - obviously only on colder days! From my experience, coaches are either freezing cold or baking hot, so layers are a must.
Purse - does this need explaining?
Book - whatever book I'm currently reading will make it to my coach journey for entertainment purposes.
Notepad and pen - for drafting blog posts and ideas, writing notes etc.
Coach card and ticket - this is kindof essential... If you make a lot of coach journeys during the year I would recommend getting a coach card to save you some money on each journey.
iPod - this gets me through the seemingly endless hours...
Phone - for communicating with people outside the coach.
Charger - most National Express coaches have sockets on and on some of those coaches, the sockets actually work! So my charger comes with me just in case I'm lucky enough to be able to charge my phone/iPod if necessary.
Hand cream - because nobody wants dry hands now do they?
Emergency bits bag - see below for contents.
Sunglasses - for sunny days/hiding behind.
Makeup bagsee below for contents.
Water bottle - to keep hydrated. Tip - don't drink the full contents unless you fancy visiting the on-board loo. This happened to me once...never again.

 photo e7d99a4c-8c89-4a9d-8b9a-b66b1fdf9404_zps1c9d6769.jpg

Pic 2: makeup bag:
Perfume - this little So...? perfume is always in my mini makeup bag and is much-needed after sweltering coach journeys.
Compact mirror - I'm pretty sure I bought this from Wilkos or Poundland or something so it was super cheap but does the job nicely!
Mascara - for touch-ups during the day.
Lip balm (and lipstick/gloss of choice) - to keep my lips nice and soft and pwetty!
Concealer and brush - also for touch-ups during the day...again, much-needed after sweltering coach journeys.

 photo e369f0b3-88e6-4896-b841-a99b37b868e7_zpsa8ddbdb9.jpg

Pic 3: emergency bits bag:
STs - sorry if this makes you cringe, but lets be real! These are a must for any female emergencies.

Tissues - yep.
Hand gel - antibac hand gel is a must for me. I have zero immune system thanks to my medication so am constantly using this to keep germs at bay, especially when I'm out in public.
Comb - for bad hair days.
Nail file - because there isn't much worse than when you break a nail and can't sort it out straight away.
Bobby pins - I'm sure I'm not the only girl who isn't eternally grateful for the inventor of bobby pins?! They can fix most things.
Bobble - I usually shove my hair up in a bun before the coach journey is over due to the heat/stickyness, so if there isn't a bobble on my wrist I know I will always have this as a back up.
Plasters - these come in handy.

Not pictured: food! My coach journeys often overlap lunch or dinner time so I do take some munchies with me.

Do you do much travelling? What would be your coach-bag essentials?

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  1. I hate having to carry everything around with me, and my boyfriend only lives 10 minutes down the road, so I can imagine it must be quite a nightmare having to get a coach and pack like this all the time!

    Great post, I should take a leaf out of your book and be more organised with my travelling essentials haha

    Laura x

    1. Haha it is annoying but I'm used to it now! x


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