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Front row left-right: Mandara Spa scrub, Dawin Miller Body Scrub

As I mentioned in my 'Get Ready for Summer and National Bikini Day' blog post, exfoliating my body is part of my fake tanning routine and this year I've been trying out four different exfoliators. These four scrubs are very different from each other so thought I would put a summary of them all in this one post and possibly follow this up with in-depth reviews of each one in separate blog posts.

Sandy Body Scrub
The Makebelieve Spa & Polish Exfoliator (sold here) feels like a gentle but sandy scrub on the skin. This scrub smells gorgeous and leaves the skin feeling silky soft. This scrub also has my favourite packaging of all four, however it isn't the best for travelling! I actually won this scrub at a meetup I went to last year but have been using other scrubs up before trying this one. Now that I have tried it though, I can confirm that is is great!

Foaming Body Scrub
Arbonne's SeaSource Foaming Sea Salt Scrub (sold here) is the ultimate pamper-evening body and foot scrub, trust me! It smells amazing and feels beautiful on the skin as the foam gives the feeling that your skin is being thoroughly cleansed as well as exfoliated, so you can imagine how nice it is to use this as a foot scrub too.

Thick Body Scrub 
The Mandara Spa Amber Heaven exfoliating sugar scrub (range sold here, although I can't find this particular scrub, annoyingly!) is a really thick scrub, 'exfoliating sugar scrub' is definitely the best name for it! This is one of those scrubs that you can really feel working to remove dry skin, gross but good, although if you have sensitive skin I probably wouldn't recommend this as it isn't the most gentle of scrubs!

Jelly Body Scrub
The Dawin Miller Joy White Jasmine and Cranberry Body Scrub (crikey, long name! I can't find anywhere selling this online, sorry! But I've heard you can buy it in Home Bargains, although don't hold me to that!) isn't used by me all that much as I only tend to reach for an exfoliator before I fake tan and this wouldn't cut it when it comes to pre-tan-prep, however this is amazing post-tan if you feel your skin needs a quick, gentle scrub without runing the tan you've built up.

What's your favourite body scrub? Have you used any of the exfoliators I mentioned in this post?

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