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A few weeks ago, during one of the gloriously hot and sunny days the south was experiencing, Josh and I decided to visit Bocketts Farm Park in Surrey on our last day together in the south before we move! I’d read a bit about Bocketts Farm before when I was researching fun days out in the area and we thought we would take advantage of the sunny weather and have a day out at the farm. When I was younger, throughout Primary School (so when I was aged 5-11ish), I wanted to be a farmer and I love visiting farms and seeing farm animals, so I knew this would be a great day out for me!

As you'd imagine, there were a lot of children visiting the farm but I was amazed at the number of school groups that were obviously there on a school trip...jealous much? How amazing would it be to go on a school trip to a fun farm with loads of cool animals, activities and play areas?! There is a lot of fun stuff for children at Bocketts Farm but us big kids had a great time too, farms can be enjoyed at any age if you're an animal lover!

 photo photo23_zpsfefcf430.jpg
The competitors in the Pig Race!

 photo tweet_zps16a61a93.png

We took a picnic and sat at a picnic bench in the picnic area to eat (how many times can I fit picnic into a sentence?!) but there were a couple of places where you could buy food and we did buy an ice-cream, of course. Our highlight of the day had to be the pig race. It was so funny, I was expecting 6 big hefty pigs to slowly plod up the hill being tempted by food and prodded from behind but no, 6 little pigs charged up the hill and my favourite, Bradley Piggings, won! 

We also loved visiting Little Hoppington, the cute 'village' inhabited by all the small animals including mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks... They also had animal handling and goat milking in Little Hoppington which was another highlight for me - I love meeting cute little animals! We also loved the BIG Animal Barn where there were lots of goats to feed and a calf that was only a few days old, so precious.

 photo photo5_zps5d2b91f8.jpg
Sainsbunny's in Little Hoppington

 photo photo4_zpsda36a4ad.jpg
Josh's photography - he captured such a cute moment!

 photo photo52_zps9e76ad65.jpg
Cute little mouse in the church tower in Little Hoppington

 photo photo32_zps0beaa585.jpg
Just before the goat milking sesh

 photo photo12_zps8631aa04.jpg
Little baby moo cows!!

Sorry this post is slightly picture-heavy! We took loads more photos and it was tough choosing only a few to include in this post, but I wanted to share them with you because it was such a fun day out. If you live in or near Surrey I would definitely recommend visiting Bocketts Farm. You can follow @BockettsFarm on twitter and visit their website for more information about the farm.

Have you been to Bocketts Farm before? Do you like visiting farms and seeing farm animals as much as I do?!

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