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I hate wasting any sort of product so love discovering ways of getting the last few drops out of my hand creams, soaps, cleansers etc. before binning them! Here is how I get all of the product out of my tubed products, using my Arbonne FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème as an example:

Left: full hand cream tube. Right: the tube I've cut down and re-sealed with the 'lid'

Left: full hand cream tube. Right: the tube I've cut down with the 'lid' off

1. Cut the tube just below the top* of the tube. Cut again slightly below this so you've cut out a small section of tube. Your tube should now be in three sections - the main tube, the 'band' you've cut out and the top* of the tube, which will become the 'lid'.

2. You can now use the product stuck to the sides of the 'band' that you've cut out of the tube and then throw that band away. 

3. Slot the top* of the tube over the rest of the tube to avoid the product left in the tube being exposed to the elements! Alternatively, cling film, a tissue or kitchen roll could be used, but I've found using the top of the tube as a lid is most effective.

4. Every time you use a bit more product from the tube, cut away another band and gradually work your way down to the bottom* until you've used up the whole product. Continue to re-seal the product with the 'lid'.

*Note: by 'bottom of the tube' I mean the end where the cap/nozzle is. By 'top of the tube' I mean the opposite end to the cap!

I've also seen this tip on A Thrifty Mrs' blog (you should definitely check her out, she has amazing thrifty tips!) and I'm sure there are others out there who do this already but if not, I would definitely recommend you give it a go, you will be surprised how much longer products will last you!

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