Having not blogged in months, I wondered whether I could even attend a blogger meetup. On the other hand, what better way to kick start itsneecola?! The event in question was the #BloggersSecretSanta14, organised by Hannah and Em, who did an absolutely amazing job! We met on Saturday at The Ned Ludd in Nottingham - a gorgeous bar/restaurant that I had never been to before but would definitely visit again. We were greeted with a drink and name cards (which were SO cute - I might frame mine!) before hearing from a variety of different brands.

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First up was Ian, Hello's 'friendly uk guy', who told us about Hello breath spray. The idea behind Hello products is that oral care should be natural and friendly for the mouth. I took home two of the three flavours, supermint and pink grapefruit mint, but there is a third flavour which has proved to be the most popular: mojito mint! You can buy Hello breath sprays from Boots here in the UK. Ian also told us about The Ultimate Fix, a nail spray that will give any regular polish that gel-like finish that won't chip and will last for weeks! I am so excited to try this out (unfortunately I can't paint my nails regularly due to where I work) and see if it really does work with any nail polish. The Ultimate Fix is used in many nail salons and can also be bought online or from Selfridges in a smaller bottle for personal use.

Next, we heard from Lekha about Merumaya. Lekha was so smiley and informative and gave us all samples of some of the Merumaya's bestsellers as well as offering to give specific product recommendations based on our individual skin type. Merumaya is a UK-based company who's skincare products are all, in my opinion, reasonably priced and I can't wait to try them out! Watch this space for a full review of the samples I've received, once I've tested them out for a few weeks. Merumaya can be bought online or from select John Lewis stores.

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After Lekha had finished speaking, we had the chance to order some Ned Ludd food. So many things on the menu caught my eye but in the end I went for two starters rather than a main: bread and olives and calamari (favourites, see my instagram for a picture!). The presentation and quality of the food was very impressive and I would love to eat there again and try one of the mains or sandwiches that I saw a lot of the other girls eating on Saturday!

Our food arrived as Suzie began her talk about Xenca's nutrition products: Five a Day +V and Collagen Revitalise powder. Suzie's presentation was really interesting, if a little worrying when it came to discussing our diets in this day and age! We were all given a taste of both the Five a Day +V and Collagen and given a tub of the Five a Day +V to take home with us. I am really excited to see how I get on with this and am also tempted to try the collagen too, as Suzie told us her personal story and how it has transformed her life! Contact Suzie for more product information.

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Lush was the fourth and final guest on Saturday and they didn't disappoint! As well as hearing about the Christmas range this year, I had a relaxing hand and arm massage and have consequently added a Lush massage bar to my shopping list! We also got to make our own bath bombs. I opted to make Cinders, a bath bomb "inspired by fireside gatherings with family and friends". It was so fun to make our own bath bombs and different to anything I've ever done at a meetup before. As you can imagine, everything smelt incredible and I'm pretty sure we all added various items to our Christmas wishlists, as well as learnt something new about the company.

One of the unique things about this meetup was the Secret Santa that we all took part in. Hannah and Em did a great job of sorting all the prezzies out and I cheekily opened mine as soon as I got home. Thank you so much Jessica for the Soap and Glory goodies and the Rimmel eyeshadow! We also came home with an amazing goodybag each! There were so many amazing products and vouchers in the bag that I will definitely be reviewing on the blog as I make my way through trying them all.

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I have to say a massive thank you to Hannah and Em for organising last week's meetup, it was so different to anything I had been to before for so many reasons and I had such a great day. Both girls worked so hard to put this together and it really paid off - thank you!

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