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Arbonne International best products sea source spa fc5 sun care makeup

If you read last week's post about my Arbonne experience, you will remember me saying that I stand by what I said about the quality of Arbonne products. Today I am going to share with you what I feel are the best Arbonne products and the products that I would recommend to anybody wanting to try the brand. If you would like to purchase any of the products mentioned in this blog post, you can do so through my friend and fellow blogger Emily (@theglittervixen on twitter) who’s Arbonne ID is 441132670, or simply click here to visit her Arbonne shop. I've divided the products up by the range they belong to in order to try and make this post easier to follow! Click on the names of the products to be taken to the product online. (Also, please excuse the less-than-perfect photos! Bad lighting day, we've all been there!)

Arbonne International best products ranges sea source spa fc5 sun care makeup

SeaSource Detox Spa:

Foaming Sea Salt Scrub, £25 – This is one of the products that saved my dry flakey skin. While it isn't recommended for use on the face, I've found it to be a fabulous face scrub if used sparingly and occasionally. It is a fantastic body scrub that foams up and smells divine, so I would definitely recommend it if you are looking to treat yourself, as a little does go a long way so a tube this size lasts ages.

Arbonne International best products sea source spa scrub fc5 face mask deep cleansing hydrating night moisturiser sun care makeup

Arbonne International best products sea source spa fc5 oily combination skincare face cleanser wash face oil-absorbing moisturiser sun care makeup

Arbonne International best products sea source spa fc5 hand cream skin conditioning oil sun care makeup


Deep Cleansing Mask, £30 – This does what it says on the tin! It is also a great spot treatment either overnight or under makeup.

Intense Hydration Mask, £30 – I wasn’t sure whether to include this but it is a great mask. I hasn’t fixed my dry skin but definitely adds plumpness when I use it. I like to use this after the deep cleansing mask when I am pampering myself, however I’m not sure whether I would actually repurchase this in the future as I have since tried some other fantastic masks for dry skin.

FC5 Moisturising Night Crème, £43 – Although it is quite thick for a day moisturiser, when I was first tackling my dry winter skin I used this during the day as well as overnight for added hydration.

FC5 Complexion Perfecting Set, £63 – Samples of both the face wash and moisturiser were the first things I tried from Arbonne and, along with the makeup, were the products that had me sold on Arbonne as a brand. This skincare range fixed my greasy, oily skin and I would recommend it to anyone suffering with oily skin. I wouldn’t repurchase this set now as I don’t need it any more (my skin has now slid to the other end of the scale and is super dry, but the FC5 dry range has not helped unfortunately) but as I said I would recommend to anyone suffering from uncontrollable oiliness. The powder is also included in this set that is great for oil control once your makeup has been applied (many consultants suggest using it underneath your makeup to blot your face before applying) but it was the face wash and moisturiser that were the miracle products for me.

Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème, £20 – Very pricey but best hand cream I’ve ever used, you hardly need any and it really keeps hands moisturised for a long period of time.

Skin Conditioning Oil, £13 – This is a saviour for dry skin! I’ve used this on patches of what I suspect to be psoriasis on my scalp but my main reason for including this in my ‘best of’ product list is because it helped salvage my dry, flakey winter skin.

Sun care:

After learning how mineral oil can enhance the dangers of the sun (or something along those lines, don’t quote me!) I will forever opt for mineral oil-free sun care. The Arbonne sunscreen and after sun lotion were fantastic and the lip moisturiser feels so nourishing on the lips. However, since editing this blog post I've realised that the whole sun care range has changed, so I can't really comment on the new products, but if they are similar to the old ones I would recommend them!

Arbonne International best products sea source spa fc5 sun care makeup primer perfecting liquid foundation its a long story mascara bronzer


Makeup Primer, £26 – This primer is the best I have ever tried. It is silky to touch and aids the longevity of makeup better than any other primer I’ve used.

Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15, £31 – I have never bought my ‘winter colour’ in this foundation and I am trying other foundations out now but would definitely repurchase this in the future. I love the consistency, longevity and lightweight-yet-buildable coverage of this foundation.

It’s a Long Story Mascara, £25 – this mascara replaced my well-loved ‘They’re real’ when I bought it! It lengthens and adds volume to my lashes beautifully and it a heck of a lot easier to get off than They’re Real, which is a plus for me.

Bronzer, £21 – In all honesty this is the only bronzer I have used since I first became an Arbonne Consultant… and I still haven’t hit pan. I use this product whenever I wear makeup and have been amazed by how long it has lasted. It gives a beautiful bronze glow to the skin and I would definitely repurchase it.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about my thoughts of the products I've mentioned in this post. As previously mentioned, you can purchase Arbonne products online through Emily's Arbonne ID 441132670, or by clicking here to visit her Arbonne shop. 

Have you tried any Arbonne products? Would you be tempted to try anything mentioned here?

Nicola x


  1. This list is literally the same as my favourites list haha! Only thing missing is Genius ;) also ADORE the FC5 Face Scrub and the Mineral Foundation! xx

    1. I never actually used Genius! But my mum did and she really liked it. Never been totally sold on the Fc5 face scrub, it isn't vicious enough for me haha! x


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