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To celebrate the launch of their new lipstick line, BurberryKisses, Burberry sent out free miniature lipsticks to those of us who had been ‘nominated’ to receive one through Twitter. I was fortunate enough to be nominated by Lora (@moonfaceblogs) and when I had entered my details I was given the chance to nominate a friend, so nominated Georgina (@GeorginaBunney).

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 photo Burberry Kisses No. 5 Nude Beige_zpsr1gua5gm.jpg

 photo Burberry Kisses Nude Beige packaging_zpse8qhicqu.jpg

 photo Burberry Kisses Nude Beige packaging lipstick_zpskh8h4rew.jpg

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There were four shades to choose from and I chose shade No. 05 Nude Pink. Having never tried any Burberry products before, I was really excited for this lipstick to arrive and when it did it didn’t disappoint. Despite being a sample product, the packaging is stunning and the outer box felt like it had come from a luxurious brand, which of course it had. The lipstick itself is encased in gorgeous Burberry packaging which I have often used heart-eyed-emojis over on Instagram so I feel very lucky to have been able to receive one myself for free! The lipstick bullet is very little as it is only a sample-sized lipstick, but it is a pigmented formula so I’m sure will last me a while before I need to decide whether to buy the full-sized version, which retails at £25.

The only thing I would say is that the picture of Nude Pink on the Burberry website looks a lot more pink/Crème Cup-esque, whereas in reality it is darker and duskier. There are so many shades to choose from, including four that caught my eye: Peach Delight, Devon Sunset, Coral Pink and Golden Peach (anyone else noticing a theme here?!) which would be perfect for summer. The names are all so lovely and I personally really like when brands give their products cute shade names, stunning packaging and textures on the lipstick bullet (such as the Burberry stripes or YSL’s initials on their lipsticks) especially when you are spending more than the average price for a lipstick.

I think this was a great scheme that Burberry ran and would love if more high-end brands did something similar. It gives us mere mortals a chance to try high-end brands as well as giving the brand themselves a wider exposure than they might otherwise have, so everyone’s a winner!

Did you get a free Burberry Kisses lipstick? Will you be buying any of the lipsticks from the new range?

Nicola x

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