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Rose Gold seems to be a blogger ‘thing’; from makeup brushes to jewellery, whatever you’re after you will be able to find it in a rose gold hue. Watches are no exception, and a couple of years ago the Michael Kors rose gold watch took the blogging world by storm. It is absolutely stunning, although if you’re like me you can’t help but notice the eye-watering price tag. So I took to Amazon and found the beauty pictured in this blog post and it hasn't left my wrist since! I get so many compliments on it, as well as people assuming at first-glance that it is the infamous Michael Kors watch, which you can’t deny is pretty impressive for an Amazon offering.

I bought my watch a few years ago now, but there is one on Amazon that looks very similar if not the same, and for £3ish you can't really go wrong! If you can’t quite stretch to Michael Kors prices, places such as Next and Amazon have some fabulous alternatives.

Are you a fan of all things rose gold? Are you lucky enough to have THE Michael Kors rose gold watch?

Nicola x


  1. I love rose gold :) the watch you have is stunning & such a good price! I have the two toned silver and gold Michael Kors watch, but I can't deny I was very tempted by the rose gold one :L


    1. Oooh lucky you, I've never seen the silver and gold but it sounds pretty! Rose gold is such a good option for both silver and gold jewellery days I think which is why I love my watch! x


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