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At the turn of the New Year I was horrified with how dry my skin was. As a teenager I had always had oily skin, particularly in my T-zone, which I had sorted during my late-teens using Arbonne’s FC5 range for oily skin (see here and here). For a while my skin would sit in the ‘normal’ zone (whatever ‘normal’ means!) in that it wasn’t oily but wasn’t particularly dry either. However, a few months of living in a house with the dehumidifier constantly on, walking to Uni in the harsh winter wind and travelling up and down the country in the car really took a toll on my skin. It going to the point where buffing my foundation in was leaving me with flakey, snake-like skin no matter how much moisturiser or primer I used.

Desperate, I took to Facebook to ask a group of fellow beauty-junkies what they would recommend. The Body Shop was mentioned a few times so I took their online skincare quiz and took a trip into town to visit their store as well as Boots (make-up post to follow!) to get my hands on a few bits to try and save my skin. I thought I would share with you the skincare products and routine I used to get my skin back on track. I’ve been trying a few new products since but these are the products that helped to rehydrate my skin initially.

fixing helping dry winter skin skincare the body shop arbonne international cleanser toner moisturiser serum face oil scrub night day cream creme

Body Shop Vitamin E range
Cream Cleanser – This cleanser feels lovely and gentle on the skin. I often remove my makeup with coconut oil, wipe the excess off with a hot cloth and then follow with this cleanser to remove any excess product and really clean my skin. When I have very little makeup on I will just use this cleanser to remove my makeup, wipe off with a hot cloth and use a little more of the product again for a double cleanse.

Hydrating Toner – I was hesitant to delve into toners while my skin was so dry however this product does not leave the skin feeling stripped and dry at all like some toners do. I use this on a cotton pad to remove the cleanser on an evening. However, the lovely shop assistant said that she uses this on its own in the morning and so I thought I would try that too. It works wonders for freshening up my face in the morning and has a lovely cooling, hydrating feel.

Aqua Boost Sorbet – When I first tried this product in the shop I wasn’t sure whether we would get on or not as it is very different to anything I have used before. The name ‘sorbet’ is perfect for this product, it is so hard to describe but that is the word I would use! It is a very hydrating moisturiser without feeling thick and heavy so is perfect for underneath makeup at the start of the day.

Moisturizing Night Cr̬me РThis is a great moisturiser to use at night (obviously) however I also used it during the day for extra hydration when I really needed it, although if I was wearing makeup that day I gave it extra time to sink into the skin.

Foaming Sea Salt Scrub – This scrub is not recommended for the use on the face (so try it at your own risk!) but I needed a tough scrub to really work at scrubing away dead flakey skin (lovely). This worked wonders for me and I only needed to use it a few times (once every few days, not every day!) to really see a difference in my skin.

Skin Conditioning Oil – desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ve never used an oil on my face (except to remove makeup!) so this felt rather strange for me. However using a couple of drops of this in the morning and evening helped my skin so much.

I will be doing a separate post on how I altered my makeup routine to aid in the process of fixing my skin so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Have you ever suffered with dry skin? What products do you use to help?

Nicola x


  1. I have quite oily skin so the Arbonne range you mentioned sounds like something worth looking into trying :)


    1. I would really recommend it for controlling oily skin, I'm so glad I used it! x

  2. Finally figured out how to comment on your blog! Hallelujah! The vitamin E toner is amazing! My skin was like this for months until now it's decided to go a bit oily. Costing me a fortune in products haha!

    Molly xxx

    1. hahaha yay! Oh that's so annoying, is it to do with the change of season? Mine is starting to get ever so slightly oily during the day when we have sunny weather! xx


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