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You might want to grab a cuppa, it’s going to be a long one. However, if you've ever experienced MAC customer service, good or bad, as you might have something to add to this discussion and I would love to hear your thoughts.

It all started with a trip to Mac at the end of January. I was desperate to buy a lipliner and the friend I was with was longing to try Velvet Teddy, although she was prepared for it to be out of stock thanks to Kylie Jenner. Admittedly, we didn’t pick the best time to go (lunchtime on a Saturday!) but the customer service we experienced was, quite frankly, shocking. In short, we waited for what felt like an eternity and dealt with rude staff before finally being handed the products we wanted to try. The wait and rudeness we endured felt worth it as I loved Boldly Bare and after queueing a little longer I handed it over the counter…only to be told (off the top of her head) that it was out of stock, which was backed up by the other staff member at the tills. If this was common knowledge, why had I been handed the lipliner in the first place, or at least been told when I was given it that it was out of stock?

Annoyed, I tweeted MAC; “Painful experience in @MACcosmetics Nottingham today!” Their reply; “We’re concerned, Nicola. Please email [address] for direct assistance.” While I am usually one to just let these things go, I had some spare time and felt that maybe some constructive criticism wouldn’t go amiss. After all, we’ve all heard the MAC customer service horror stories from around the globe. I explained what had happened in the store and stated that while I didn’t expect them to do anything I did feel like constructive criticism was worth giving. I also asked about when the products my friend and I had been interested in would be back in stock.

A couple of days later I received a call from MAC customer services. We went over the details and spoke about the products I had enquired about. To my honest surprise and amazement, I was offered two complementary products because of my negative experience. I’m sure you’ll agree that while I had never expected to be offered anything for free I would be a fool not to accept! I chose my products and thought the situation was over and happily resolved.

A couple of weeks went by and my complementary products hadn't arrived. The makeup-lover that I am, I was fairly disappointed, so sent a quick email asking whether I would be receiving them or not. I received no response so decided to try one more time about a week later. This was met with an email and then a phone call, during which I was told that my products had indeed been delivered to my address (very shortly after I had initially been offered them) and had been signed for by Paul. The problem was, I hadn't received them, no neighbours had been in touch and we hadn't had a note through the letterbox saying they had been left anywhere. And who is Paul? The woman I spoke to was equally puzzled and she said she would look into this with their courier company (Yodel) and in the meantime have my two products sent again.

Minutes after this phone call, Josh came in carrying a sodden, battered black box with my name on it that he had found outside the back of our house behind one of the bins. You can imagine my dismay as I realised that these were my complimentary products. I emailed MAC immediately explaining what had happened and reiterating that (1) I had absolutely NO idea that the products were there, (2) that MAC had been told they had been signed for when they had clearly been left outside, (3) that no note of delivery had been given to us and (4) to please not send me any further products! I received no reply. This really bothered me as I didn't want MAC to send another set of complimentary products as I had actually received them (albeit cold and wet) and I really didn't want to be viewed as, quite frankly, taking the piss. The days went by and no such parcel arrived to my relief, so I thought the case was closed.

One week later and my parents came to visit. After a lovely lunch out they went round to the back of the house to look at the garden before coming inside. Cue my mum bringing inside a wet, battered, black box with my name on it, that she had found outside (in the middle of the garden path would you believe?). Yes, my second (unwanted!) set of complimentary products had been delivered and no I had not been given a note of delivery so again I had no idea they were there. I emailed the following day to explain what had happened and stating that I feel two things need to improve: the communication between mac staff and customers (as they didn't acknowledge various emails along this process) and the whole Yodel delivery service. Mac have since replied to me saying that they have passed my comments on to the relevant department for review with the courier company.

This has really put me off ordering online from Mac in the future – I wouldn't want to risk products that I had paid for being left in the garden to be ruined or eaten by a cat or something! (Melodramatic, maybe, but you get the gist!) However I am very pleased with the products I received and still appreciate Mac as a brand to purchase from. I also gave the friend I was with the second lipstick I was sent so everybody is a winner I suppose!

I’d love to hear your opinions of my experience. Do you think I took it too far? Would you have handled it differently? What have your experiences been with Mac customer service and deliveries?

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