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As part of many positive changes I’m making (see this blog post!) I decided to put a reading list together and have it as a new page on itsneecola. This way I can include links to online places to buy the books as well as reviews I’ve read or written for each book. Plus sharing is caring and I figured some of you reading this might be interested in seeing the list. I’ve split it up into various categories:

Inspiration/Soul Food
Physical health, food and fitness

I think they are self-explanatory, right? When you see the books under each category it might make more sense. Please bear in mind this is NOT a blogroll: the blogs and YouTube channels included are purely those which are particularly inspiring or relevant to my journey rather than all the beauty blogs and channels that I love. I might do a blogroll with my favourite blogs and channels soon.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for books I should add to the list! Head over to the page to see what books are there.

Nicola x

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