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After our Arbonne experience, my good friend Natalie was looking for another natural skincare and beauty brand to try and found Tropic. She loved the products, the people and the business ethos and decided to become an Ambassador. I mentioned the Tropic cleanser in my morning and evening skincare routine posts last year and have since tried some more products and really wanted to share my thoughts with you!

When I asked how she would sum Tropic up, this is what Natalie said:

“I’d describe Tropic as a young UK natural skincare company, born out of a passion for chemical free beauty. Affordable at home spa products where you can be a hostess & enjoy free product gifts, be a customer & have great value incredible skincare & make-up or as an ambassador you can have it all & build a great business that fits in with your life! Handmade in the UK by the Tropic chefs, freshly made cosmetics delivered to your door, it's all simply divine!”

As a beauty blogger, I have to address the packaging of Tropic products. The packaging is simple but distinctive and definitely fits in with the ‘natural’ element of the products. The only way I can think to describe the packaging would be that it is pretty and photogenic without feeling ultra-posh and too delicate, which I love.

When I asked Natalie what one Tropic product she would recommend to someone who had never tried Tropic before, her reply was “can I have three?!”

“an incredible as a cleanser on dry skin, cream with natural oils so is very powerful at melting away makeup, amazing in the bath as a steam spa treatment with the cloth you get”
£15 for 120ml with cloth 

“smells amazing, nice balance (some scrubs are are nothingy, some hurt and are too harsh)”
£15 for 100ml 

“my skin has never felt as good as it has since using the face oil – drops of miracle hydration”
£30 for 50ml 

The deluxe skincare collection (search for ‘deluxe’ on Natalie’s shop) has these three products plus a toner, moisturiser, eye roll-on and a headband – so a total of 7 products for £79 which is pretty impressive! Make sure you're following me via GFC or Bloglovin as I will be featuring some more Tropic products on itsneecola over the next few weeks. If you'd like more information about Tropic you can contact Natalie through her Facebook page, click here or search for 'Natalie Robb Tropic Skincare Ambassador' on Facebook.

Have you tried any Tropic products before? What's your opinion on natural skincare brands?

Nicola x

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