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I recently posted a new page here on itsneecola which is a reading list of positive books and blogs. One of the websites on the list is AbiFox.com – Revitalise Your Life. The Blog section of Abi's website is fabulous but Abi also offers a programme to help clients with their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. After my breakthrough session with Abi, she asked me to leave some feedback for potential clients and I thought I would share my thoughts on itsneecola too!

I had a free breakthrough session through skype after watching some of Abi’s videos on her Facebook page which really inspired me. Before the call I answered the questions on the ‘apply today’ section of AbiFox.com which in itself was a helpful way to get my thoughts together before the call. In the call we discussed where I’m at now and it was really helpful to hear Abi’s views on where I’m at and the things I was saying. I’m all for things like counselling and life coaching and general chatting to select people about where you’re at and how you’re feeling as they often notice things you say/do that you wouldn’t notice in yourself or think was significant. Abi also told me about the programme she offers which sounded great and I would definitely recommend getting in touch with her if you want to kick-start your positive journey as she has an amazing positive energy and really helpful tips for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and positivity.

Two of the things I took away from my call with Abi were ‘power hour’ and a clearer vision of the shape of my positive journey. Abi suggested that I implement a ‘power hour’ every morning: 20 minutes of reading, 20 minutes of exercise and 20 minutes of meditation. I’ve been reading a lot more and now that Uni is over I am excited to implement this and form a habit of it over the summer. When Abi explained her programme to me it gave me a clear vision of how I can organise my time and set goals for the summer months to stay on track, which was so helpful.

I’d also really recommend checking out the rest of Revitalise Your Life website (the ‘about’ section on the website is a great place to start!) and facebook page. Abi posts recipes, inspiring videos and thought-provoking blog posts that I would really recommend adding to your positive reading list.

Who do you watch/read when you need some inspiration and positivity?

Nicola x

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