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I'm the one on the left, in case there was any confusion. The very handsome fellow on the right is my boyfriend, Josh.

I wrote a '50 Facts About Me' post over two years ago and it seems to be one of my post popular posts (in terms of views anyway!). I've had it linked on my About Me page for new readers to get to know me a bit better... except it is rather out of date, so I thought it might be fun to revisit it and see what has changed about neecola in the past two years!

1. I have blue eyes
Still true. My eye colour has not changed!

2. I live with my mummy, daddy, sister and two sausages Poppet and Oliver
Not true any more! I now live with my boyfriend Josh.

3. I love sunbathing
I'm not sure if this is still true or not. On our last holiday (to Menorca, I've written three blog posts about it if you fancy a read! 1, 2, 3) I did sunbathe but I found it a bit boring and I didn't want to risk burning so spent more time swimming/playing Banagrams in the shade. Having said that, I would rather sit in the sun than be somewhere cold ANY day of the week.

4. I have one sibling, my younger sister Jennifer, who is a couple of years younger
Still true! Hi Jen if you're reading!

5. I cry at pretty much every film
Still true.

6. I would love to move to Menorca one day. Or have a holiday home there at least.
Still very much true. If in doubt, see this blog post.

7. My favourite season is Summer, I love hot sunny weather
Still true - but I've decided I dislike summer fashion situations and would pick autumn all the way when it comes to deciding what to wear.

8. Sleeping beauty was always my favourite princess film, although the evil lady scared me when she turned into a dragon (probably still would tbh.) And I was convinced I was going to marry Prince Philip.
True, it was always my favourite film - HOWEVER I am not scared of Maleficent any more thanks to Angelina Jolie! And in terms of Prince Philip - I've got Josh now so there's no need for him anymore! (altogether now: ahhhhh)

9. I'm a chatterbox most of the time, unless I'm thinking deeply about something or am having a down day.
Still true...sorry Josh.

10. The Bill was my favourite TV show of all time, I am still hunting down boxsets
Still true.

11. I've applied for uni but am going to have a gap yah first
This happened and I have just finished my first year of uni.

12. I love singing, it makes me happeh
Still true, but I hardly sing any more - this needs to change!

13. The number 13 is my favourite number
Still true.

14. I still suck my thumb (usually when I'm tired, don't judge meh!)
Ok now I regret revisiting this post. Still true when I'm tired or sad or stressed (much to Josh's dismay) - I might see a hypnotist to sort this out. No joke.

15. I'm forever on my phone: twitter (2 accounts), tumblr, facebook, instagram, texting, checking emails...
Still true but I'm trying to cut it down and keep it to a productive level. Only one twitter account gets used now!

16. I used to love romantic films, now I can't stand them
Still true for the most part!

17. I like a really wide range of music, different genres for different moods
Still true but I hardly listen to music any more for some strange reason!

18. I got diagnosed with Crohn's disease last year after being ill from November-April. The week I spent in hospital in April was one of the toughest times of my life, but I definitely came out stronger.
True. And I'm doing great at the moment, and I'm so thankful for that.

19. My favourite book is definitely The Passionflower Massacre by Nicola Morgan
True, it is still my favourite fictional book. I've not read it in such a long time though!

20. I love nights out but also love cosy nights in - just depends on my mood!
Not true. I rarely go clubbing any more and I'm perfectly happy with that!

21. I find getting ready for a night out almost more exciting than the night out itself
Still very much true!

22. I am a complete chocaholic.
Forever true.

23. My middle name is Ruth

24. I am a girly girl at heart
Still true but I am a lot more badass now. At least, I am in my head...

25.I used to be very shy when I was younger, but I am so much more confident now and find talking to new people a heck of a lot easier than I used to. I'm sure this is because of my hospital visits last year, having a colonoscopy and talking about your bowel habits to doctors and nurses certainly changes a person!
(How am I only halfway through?!) Still true and getting truer by the day!

29. I love experimenting with makeup
True boo.

30. I currently work in Topshop
Not true, thank the unicorns. 

31. I love the Easter story
Still true.

32. Vom makes me scared. People vomming, seeing it, feeling like im gonna, etc. So if we're 
on a night out together and you get so drunk you're ill, I will leave you. Sorry.
Still true, but I probably wouldn't leave you nowadays (Zante proved this to me!)

33. I love films - good films that is. Might start doing posts on what I think are incredible films in 
the future?
Still true, although these posts never happened!

34. I dislike mushrooms. They make everything they're with taste mushroomy.
Still true but I'm trying to tolerate them more.

35. My favourite colour is pink
Ooooh I think I'd have to say this is now untrue! Coral is my favourite colour now - we've moved up in the world guys.

36. I've been hurt by a few too many boys in my life, so am pretty much done with relationships and romantic stuff, for now at least! (I'm a romance Scrooge I know!)
I'm no longer a romance Scrooge, instead I am now very much loved up and very happy. (altogether again: ahhhh)

37. I hate feeling like I've let people down/upset people
Still true, but I'm learning to be more kind to myself and I've realised that by taking care of myself it doesn't mean that I am being selfish and hurting others etc etc.

38. I am very protective over my little sister, try not to show it but I feel like the stereotypical older brother!
Still true.

39. I have my ears pierced: my lobes twice and my right cartilage at the top
Still true, wanting more!

40. Making lists is something I do all the time.
Very much still true.

41. I bit my nails and picked my fingers until about a year ago
...and I never went back! I have lovely healthy, unbitten nails now.

42. I think about things a lot, like really think about things, especially things that I am passionate about
Still true - my brain still doesn't know how to switch itself off.

43. I don't have any tattoos but I think I would like a couple
Not true buddyyyyy - I got tattooed in Zante.

44. Since being so ill last year, I've used my gradual tanner so much more. I think being pale makes me feel like I look ill, even though I don't think other pale people do..!
I still don't like looking super pale however I am too busy/lazy to tan as regularly as I used to.

45. I have a real sweet tooth, which kind of links to 22, but it deserved a point of its own..
Still worryingly true.

46. ...saying that I prefer salty popcorn and will often choose crisps to snack on over chocolate/sweets...maybe because it feels healthier for some reason?
No idea why I thought it felt healthier. I don't snack as much any more but I still prefer salty popcorn if ever I have the choice.

47. I am passionate about justice. When I see programs like panorama, children in need, even the news etc which show injustice I get so mad and angry and upset and yeah.
Still true...which is tricky when you're studying Sociology in a stereotypical University environment (take that how you will)

48. I totally trust very few people. I've been let down a lot in the past so if I find a good, true friend I will try and keep them forever.
Still true. I don't let trust issues get me down as much any more though.

49. I often suffer from chronic bitchface (I first learnt of the name of it on this post!) even when I'm feeling chirpy! It annoys me as much as it annoys the people around me, it is particularly bad on nights out or if I'm deep in thought.
Still true and the whole concept still amuses me!

50. I'm still trying to 'find' myself, I've changed a lot over the past couple of years, some things for the better and some things that I can now see in myself that I don't like. Hopefully I'll get there eventually.
I think I can safely say that I am 'getting there'. I'm learning to be who I want to be and love myself for that - even though I don't fit comfortably into a tickbox or mould (I might do a separate post on this as it is something I feel very passionate about!)

Let me know if you found this as interesting to read as I did to write! It is so cool to have this space online that I can look back at and reflect on. I'd love to see your revisited '50 Facts' posts so if you've done this, please leave the link below!

Nicola x


  1. Love these 50 facts tags I think I should really do one! Such a fun way to get to know bloggers a bit better :)


    1. You definitely should, they're fun to write and fun to read!x

  2. Saw your 50 facts and wanting some more piercings. You have a pretty face and super cute nose. Think you'd look fab with a little silver nose stud or ring.

    1. Thanks! I've never imagined myself with a nose piercing but I do think they look really cute!


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