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In the space of about 9 months I have somehow acquired three Naked palettes, which I am more than thrilled about! I have swatched friends' Naked palettes in the past so I knew that the quality was great but could never bring myself to spend £38 on one as I have so many eyeshadows already. However, now that I have three of the palettes from the Urban Decay Naked family I wholeheartedly understand and support the hype surrounding them! I know you've probably already read 8576839281 blog posts about these palettes before but it never hurts to get one more opinion, right?! I'll go through the three palettes I own in the order that they came into my life: Naked 3, Naked Basics and finally the original Naked palette.

itsneecola my naked family urban decay eyeshadow palette palettes beauty blog bbloggers makeup review neutral pigment packaging naked basics naked 3
Clockwise from top: Naked, Naked BasicsNaked 3

itsneecola my naked family urban decay eyeshadow palette palettes beauty blog bbloggers makeup review neutral pigment packaging naked basics naked3
Clockwise from top: NakedNaked BasicsNaked 3

Naked 3, £38

This was the first Naked palette to come in to my life and it holds a special place in my heart. Josh bought me this as a total surprise for my birthday last year – I had moved into the new house on my own and was feeling super down but he came to see me and brought this as my belated birthday present and I screamed with happiness and then got a bit teary haha! I’d been banging on about this palette ever since it was released and for him to remember and go to the trouble of finding it and buying it for me makes it very special!

Anyway enough of the mushy back-story and on to the palette itself! A rose-gold-tinged beauty, this seems to divide opinions in the blogger world. Most people appear to agree that it is stunning and very aesthetically pleasing but are divided as to whether it is actually a good palette to have in your collection in terms of usability. While I can see that it might not be as versatile as the original or even the second palette I definitely think it is worth having. The shades are all so different to anything else I've seen in the palette world. I love the two matte colours for everyday crease-colours, the pale shimmers for flirty eyes that pop and the darks for creating an ultra-glam smokey eye with a rose-undertoned twist.

I was going to have a look for this in Duty Free but I'm so glad I bought it before the holiday - I hadn't realised quite how small the cosmetics section at Leeds Bradford Airport is and they didn't stock any Urban Decay…oops! I ordered something from Debenhams through Click and Collect and found out when I collected it that by doing so I had earned myself a £5 voucher to spend in store! *runs to the makeup counters* *grabs the Naked Basics palette* *runs to pay* *smiles smugly*.

No joke, I use this palette every time I do my makeup. The yellowy shade and pinky shade (nice descriptions right?) make the perfect base for any eye makeup look and are also great to swipe over the lid on their own with mascara (which, let’s be honest, is what ends up happening most days when I don’t have time to go all-out on the eyes!).

One blogger's trash is another blogger's treasure, right?! Not that this could ever be described as trash but you know what I mean. I love snooping through blogsales and blogger swaps and sales groups and when I spotted this beauty being sold by a fellow blogger I couldn't pass up the opportunity to finally have it in my life. It had hardly been used and I bloody love it. I think a lot of bloggers would say this is their favourite palette from the Naked family and I can see why, it is probably the most versatile and has some fabulous shades that will suit most, if not all, skin tones and eye colours. However, I don’t think I'm alone when I say that the packaging is what lets this palette down in comparison with the others – it simply doesn't feel as sturdy and travel-friendly as my Naked 3 (which, unless I am mistaken, is packaged in the same way as the Naked 2 palette). Having said that, I did take it to Menorca with me and it survived the trip!

Do you own any/all of the Urban Decay Naked palettes? Which is your favourite and which should I get next?!

Nicola x


  1. Ahh I really should just cave in and get one shouldn't I?
    Michelle x

    1. In my opinion, yes! If you can find one on a blogsale or something that might help take the sting out of the price plus you could see the quality etc etc...or just treat yourself to one (or add it to the Christmas List if you can wait that long!) x

  2. The Naked palettes are just amazing aren't they!! I have Naked 1, 2 and 3. Naked Basics 1 and 2 and even Naked Flushed!! I now need the new Naked Smoky palette to complete my collection :) It's so cute how your boyfriend came and surprised you with Naked 3, he's definitely a keeper haha!

    Toni x

    1. Oh the dream!! I'd love to have all the palettes as they make such as stunning family, but I don't know that I'd use the Naked 2 or Basics 2 enough to warrant the price! Going to have a look at the Naked Smoky tomorrow and that might get added to my wishlist...! Haha yeah isn't he just?! x


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