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This post might be totally unnecessary and some of you may be reading this wondering why the hell anyone would need a list of things they can do while on holiday (sun-lounger, anyone?!) however this year my family and I discovered a few places and things to do in Menorca that we had never done before so I thought I would share those things with you! This might also be particularly helpful to anyone who is hiring a car when they visit Menorca and want to make the most of having that luxury or to anyone who simply fancies doing something other than sunbathing by the pool (which we did a LOT of too, don't you worry!).

itsneecola Menorca 10 things to do holiday family go karting castillo
Go Karting

1. Go Karting
Admittedly not my favourite activity of the holiday, but if you’re seeking an adrenaline rush you’ll love this! We went to Castillo Menorca which is great if some of your group don’t fancy Go Karting as there is a large gift shop (and cafĂ© and pool I believe!) in the complex. Two pieces of advice: go on a cooler/cloudy day as it gets VERY hot and secondly, wear a helmet with an eye-shield (trust me, I ended up with half of the course in my eyes I swear).

itsneecola Menorca 10 things to do holiday family pedalo sea beach slide fun
Pedalo - I'm in the water in front of the pedalo waving my arms around and the head to the right of the pedalo is Josh's!

2. Pedalo
Not unique to Menorca but pedalo-ing is a must for any fun family holiday in my opinion! Most of the larger beaches have pedalos (I know Arenal d’en Castell and Cala Galdana definitely do from our visit) and they are usually very affordable and so fun, especially with a slide! (If you’re like Josh you’ll attempt to slide down in all possible directions and contortions)

3. Shopping in Mahon/Fornells/Cuitadella
Any town you visit in Menorca will have shops that are worth looking at however Mahon would definitely be my top recommendation. There are a handful of shops along the seafront where you will find lots of unique clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery etc. while the centre of Mahon has a mixture of boutique-style shops and more luxe brands as well as plenty of places to eat!

I have to mention Fornells too, we went there to eat a couple of times and browsed the shops while we were there. While it is a lot smaller than Mahon, there are still some quirky shops worth visiting as well as an artisan market with stunning stalls.

It is worth noting that in Menorca, like mainland Spain, opening times for shops revolve around the daily siesta and are usually open in the morning 'til noon and then again in the late afternoon and evening.

itsneecola Menorca 10 things to do holiday family pedalo sea beach slide fun cala en porter sunny blue sky
Beaches - Cala En Porter

4. Visit plenty of beaches (more in my next blog post!)
I’ll go into more detail in my next blog post but one of the things you have got to do when you visit Menorca is get yourself to as many beaches as possible…unless of course you hate beaches. As Menorca is such a small island it doesn't take too long to drive from one end of the island to the other and there are also buses and taxis if you don’t have a car!

itsneecola Menorca 10 things to do holiday family cala en porter sunny blue sky cova d'en xoroi
View from the Cova d'en Xoroi gift shop

5. Go to Cova d’en Xoroi 
I only went into the gift shop to get opening times and prices (which I stupidly deleted the photo of!) but the view was incredible and next time we are in Menorca I would definitely go back and go inside. You can visit during the day, early evening or late evening for the clubbbb.

6. Driving range
Like the Go Karting, this could be a great activity if you happen to have a cooler, cloudy day. My dad had a look at Golf Son Parc in particular which seemed very reasonably priced but I'm sure there will be driving ranges and golf courses across the island. 

7. Glass Bottom Boat
We went on a glass bottom boat trip many years ago and they can be really fun and a great way to cool off! You’ll be able to find glass bottom boat trips all around the coastline of the island and I know that the Yellow Catamarans in Mahon offer a discount if you book online which is a bonus! 

8. Get a tattoo
So this happened. Not me, but my sister. I got my teeny turtle tattoo two years ago in Zante and Jennifer followed suit this year and now has a cute little gecko on her foot! We went to Menorca Tattoo in Mahon and the guys in there were really helpful and friendly. It did help that my mum speaks Spanish as she was able to clarify a few things but there were loads of different parlours in Mahon so I'm sure if you fancied a tattoo you could find one that you were comfortable with!

itsneecola Menorca 10 things to do holiday family african dancers dance performers stunts isla paraiso arenal d'en castell
The 'African Dancers' / performers at Isla Paraiso

9. Watch the African Dancers
I can’t find any information online about this group however we saw a group of African dancers (that’s what the resort called them) at Isla Paraiso in Arenal d’en Castell back in 2010 and they were there again this year so we stopped for a drink and watched. I’d imagine they perform at other resorts across the island so keep your eyes peeled, or if you are staying at the north of the island you could visit Isla Paraiso to find out whether they are performing while you are on holiday. They were so impressive, doing such dangerous stunts and playing with fire (literally!) and had such a great energy about them – a must-see if you can!

itsneecola Menorca 10 things to do holiday family el toro view scenery stunning sea sky beautiful
The view from El Toro

10. Visit El Toro
We drove up to El Toro on our way to the airport (I assume there are busses that can take you there too as there were a few spaces reserved for busses) and the view from the top is indescribably incredible. Going up there cemented my desire to have a house in Menorca one day, it is such a beautiful place. 

Have you been to Menorca? What are your top 10 things to do when on holiday? Apart from just relaxing, of course!

Nicola x

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