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If you hadn’t already gathered from my last two posts, I think Menorca is a fantastic place to holiday. With the help of my family I have put together a few tips that will hopefully help you to get the most out of your holiday. While I have written this with Menorca in mind it should also be applicable to anywhere you decide to do your holidaying!

Food – Eating Out
We ate out most evenings (holidays are all about having a break from cooking right?!) and one thing that helped to make this affordable was eating from the Menu Del Dia (Menu of the day). A lot of restaurants have a Menu Del Dia although it seems like some places stop offering it in the peak summer months. If you can find a restaurant offering a Menu Del Dia I would definitely suggest having a look at it as the value is incredible. We were often able to get a starter, main dessert and drink each for under 15 euros which is amazing!

Speaking of drinks, this is where you can spend a lot of dolla (similarly to England!) when eating out. We ended up opting for a litre (or two!) of Sangria to share between the five of us and also got some water (which often came with the Menu Del Dia) to keep the cost down!

I asked my family what one food they would recommend anyone visiting Menorca to try and here is what they all said:

Mum – “Gazpacho – so refreshing and different!”
Dad – “Fish soup (Fornells style!)”
Jennifer – “Croquettes!!” (I second this notion, I tried croquettes for the first time this holiday and loved them)
Josh – “Paella – having it freshly made and made authentically was really nice”
Me – Calamari/Squid has to be my favourite food ever, even better when it is freshly made in Menorca!

The main places we tended to eat out in the evenings were Arenal d’en Castell (within walking distance of the villa!), Mahon and Fornells. El Mirador in Arenal d’en Castell (right next to Isla Paraiso which I mentioned in my last blog post) is a lovely restaurant to visit as it has seating inside and outside with a beautiful sea view, pool tables to keep the kids (or in our case, the men!) entertained and a swimming pool. As well as eating there a couple of times we also ordered food to take back to the villa and would all thoroughly recommend the pizzas in particular as they tasted incredible! Restaurante Pizzeria Roma is one of many restaurants along the seafront in Mahon harbour but we loved it so much that we went back multiple times! Their Menu Del Dia is fantastic and the service is great. We went to a couple of restaurants in Fornells and what I would say is that they are slightly more high-brow than other places we went to, which is fine if that is your vibe but you might need to hunt down a Menu Del Dia or be prepared to spend a bit more dolla!

Food – Self-catering
The main foody tip worth noting if you are self-catering is that local brands are cheaper than the big names you might recognise in the shops (just like in England!). It is also definitely worth trying local produce such as cheese and pastries which can be found in a lot of the supermarkets!

As I mentioned in my last post, Menorca is abundant with beautiful beaches that are definitely worth visiting. A few of our favourites are Arenal d’en Castell (which is where we always stay!); Na Macaret which is very close to Arenal d’en Castell and is a tiny slice of heaven; Cala Galdana which is thriving and fun; and Cala En Porter which is absolutely stunning. If you’ve been to Menorca please leave a comment with your favourite beaches as we would love to find new beaches (or revisit beaches we went to years ago) when we next go!

Other Helpful Hints
Our holidays to Menorca have always been made less stressful due to the fact that my mum speaks pretty fluent Spanish (she would disagree, but seriously she is fabulous!) but the rest of us made the effort to learn a few basic phrases (think ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’!) which really makes a difference when interacting with local people in shops and restaurants.

When I went to Zante I took a PostOffice Travel Money card and we decided to do the same this year. It is really easy to set up an account and order your card online and then you can check the balance online if you have wifi while on holiday!

What are your top tips for holidays abroad? Let me know what you think of the tips I've included in this post and remember to leave any beaches you love to visit in the comments!

Nicola x

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