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I've been really liking Lush recently - they are a brand that I have heard so much about over the past few years but I've never actually delved very far into their products. A while back I visited their Nottingham store and after the lovely sales assistant gave me a fabulously helpful grand tour of the store I decided to bring a fresh face mask away with me. After much deliberation I opted for Brazened Honey and I thought you might be interested to hear how I got on with it!
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My first time using Brazened Honey was an interesting one. I found it gritty to apply and it felt tingly on the skin at first but smelt incredible! I left it for 10 minutes and it dried totally stiff so that I couldn't move my face, which I don't mind at all but I can imagine some people wouldn't like it! I found it very tricky to wash off due to the gritty texture and it was quite a messy event however my skin felt fantastic afterwards.

The second time I used Brazened Honey I noticed again how tricky it was to apply and remove, however it felt less tingly and my skin felt great again afterwards. With further use I found the application and removal easier and it definitely didn't put me off using the mask as the results for my skin were fantastic. Over time my skin looked and felt refreshed and almost detoxed?! Tricky to describe as it definitely didn't clear my recent breakouts completely but it did help to leave my skin feeling polished and rejuvenated.

When I first purchased it and realised the use by date on it I was slightly concerned that I wouldn't get my money's worth but I certainly did. I only expected to get a few uses out of this tub however I'd say it lasted me about 6 weeks and I used it once a week, sometimes twice! I'd definitely repurchase Brazened Honey, and I've been trying a couple of other samples this week and have been really impressed so I think I'm onto a new love affair in the shape of Lush's Fresh Face masks!

Have you tried any of Lush's fresh face masks? What are your favourite face masks?

Nicola x

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