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I knew I had to incorporate some edible treats into my #screamhome challenge and when I realised that we would be visiting Josh's family the weekend before Halloween I thought it was the perfect opportunity to film with my favourite little lady, Grace! In true neecola style, none of the treats we made could be classed as Pinterest-worthy but we had so much fun and they tasted great! (Except the marshmallow pops, but more on that in a bit...) I thought I'd put this blog post together alongside the video for more in-depth information about the ingredients and method for the treats, although they are so simple that it probably isn't all that necessary! To watch the YouTube video, click here!

For a full disclaimer about the #screamhome project, click here. This post and video aren't sponsored.

Candy Bark
- Chocolate (we used 300g of Tesco Everyday Value milk chocolate)
- Any random sweets of your choice (again, ours were from Tesco)
- Melt chocolate.
- Spread chocolate. 
- Sprinkle sweets. 
- Put in fridge. 
- Leave to set. 
- Lick the bowl clean. 
- Slice up the chilled slab and enjoy!

Oreo Cats
- Oreos (I chose normal as opposed to Gluten-free as there was a £3 price difference...)
- Smarties (I bought a pack of 4 tubes and had enough green/yellow and orange smarties from those tubes...eat the rest!)
- Black tubed icing, or edible black pen
- Take an oreo and ice two dots where the eyes will be and a dot for the nose
- Place two green or yellow smarties on for eyes and an orange smartie for the nose
- Use the black icing to draw a line on each eye

Marshmallow Popsticks
- Icing (we used white chocolate but they tasted disgustingly incredibly sweet and rich and sticky so I'd recommend using icing)
- Food Colouring (we used orange and green as they were 'Halloweeny' colours, right?!)
- Sprinkles (again, we used orange and green)
- Pop sticks or straws
- Pierce your marshmallows with popsticks/straws
- Melt the chocolate (or make up the icing) in two separate bowls and add the food colouring
- Dip the marshmallows in the chocolate/icing
- While still sticky, roll the dipped marshmallow in the sprinkles
- Leave on a plate to set
- Enjoy! (or in Grace's case, spit it straight out)

Let me know if you and any little people in your life try any of these treats! Grace and I had so much fun making this video, and there is an Outtakes video coming soon which is even cuter!

Nicola x

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