2016 | Goals and Update

Well hello there! Things have been very quiet around here recently haven't they? I absolutely loved doing the #screamhome posts in October but then, yep, you guessed it - things kindof stopped as far as blogging was concerned. I had some Uni assessments in November which took over my life, as well as renewed inspiration and excitement for my future in terms of goals and careers etc which led to a lot of time spent away from social media, listening to podcasts and online workshops and spilling all my ideas into a huge notebook...which was very exciting but led to some blog neglect!

*a little life update*

So, what has been going on since then? Well Christmas happened (as I'm sure most of you are aware) which was fabulous: we spent Christmas with Josh's family this year as we were with my family last year, and our families live at opposite ends of the country so it has to be one or the other! We saw my family before and after though which was so good. We had a lovely Christmas and New Year and Josh had the whole time off work which was great. Uni work is slightly overwhelming right now: I had planned on getting a lot of it done before Christmas but unfortunately Shingles hit me (for the second time now!) so I lost quite a bit of time being ill which was annoying but can't be helped. It has taken me a while to get back into academic work after the Christmas festivities but things are getting done slowly but surely!

2016 didn't get off to quite the *bang* I would have liked it to...did anyone else feel that way? As I've mentioned, I felt super inspired around November time and did some goal-setting and planning etc. but it didn't kick in again on January 1st like I had hoped... But I decided to just let life flow and not get stressed about it and sure enough the motivation has found me again! I thought it would be good to get a blog post up and update anyone reading this about what is going on: with me personally and with my blog!

*what's happening with itsneecola.com?*

I've been posting on this very same blog for 5 years now. I started this blog because I loved the beauty community on YouTube but wasn't brave enough to start my own channel and I wanted somewhere to share my love for all things makeup and beauty. I never posted consistently for various reasons, and my blog didn't "take off" in the same way that new bloggers around me and who have started since have - which is amazing to see and I know it is due to my lack of consistency, at times I've felt quite down about it but I've come to see that my blog is just a hobby and, at least on this site, it always will be. I still love makeup and the online beauty community but my heart isn't fully in beauty blogging any more, at least not at the moment. I will definitely keep posting on here from time to time when I want to, but I am not going to try and force content out on here anymore.

BUT WAIT. That paragraph got a bit gloomy, didn't mean it to - I am actually feeling really good about things right now. I have big plans for 2016 which include a new site, totally different to this blog. I have been planning and prepping and designing and can't wait for the site to launch, although I am a bit nervous as it is so totally different to this blog, but I will share it on here just in case any of you are interested! That is where I plan on putting most of my energy in terms of my "blogging time" (bearing in mind that my days also consist of uni work time, uni societies and social life time, fitness time, housekeeping time, relationship time...!)

So, to put it simply: I still love my blog, and I always will. I still LOVE makeup and enjoy reading and watching beauty blogs and videos. Its just that the way blogging has blown up massively in recently years has left me feeling a bit inadequate and all I am doing now is publicly declaring that I am relieving myself from the self-inflicted pressure of blogging consistently with immaculate photos and expensive products. I am really excited about the new project that I am working on and I can't wait to share it with you, as well as the other spontaneous blog posts that I'm sure will appear on itsneecola.com in 2016.

*2016 goals and resolutions*

I feel like goals and resolutions are a very personal thing, everyone has their own opinion on goal-setting and their own reasons behind things, so I'm just going to give a general overview of my 2016 goals:

Physical Health and Fitness: cliche, I know, but for the first time in forever I actually feel ready to do this. In the past I've been really excited and enthusiastic about fitness but never actually wanted it or been prepared to work for it deep down in my gut. Well, I'm ready! 2016 is the year that I get toned and grow a peachy booty. I also need to up my water intake (I do pretty well already but I need to do this consistently!) and will be tracking my fitness journey with photos (that may or may not be shared on Instagram..!)

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual well-being: I'm feeling good at the moment, but I know that I am prone to depressive dips and while I've not had a mental crash for a while now I know that I need to nurture my mental, emotional and spiritual health just as much as my physical health. I will be doing this through incorporating 'the attitude of gratitude', reading and meditation/prayer into my everyday routine. I also want to spend more time with positive, authentic people and continue to refuse to allow toxic people into my life.

New site: I've already mentioned that I've got a new project in the works and I am so excited! The main obstacle I need to get over is a mental one: I am such a perfectionist, especially when comparing how professional and beautiful blogs and websites look nowadays, so I need to stick to my goal deadline and not be too critical of what I get set up!

University: I need to be more strict with my uni work routine this year, which will definitely benefit me in the long run. I need to rekindle my relationship with the library and learn to focus better when working from home! Keeping up momentum during term time also needs to happen, especially as I will have so much time off over the summer again!

*thanks for reading*

This has ended up being a rather long post hasn't it?! I have literally just sat and tapped this out which I haven't done in agessssss but it feels good! Honest, raw, real - but lengthy. Oops! If you've got this far, then thank you so much for reading. If you skipped a bit, I don't blame you! I'd love to know what your plans are for 2016 in the various aspects of your life. Make sure to follow me on my various social media platforms to keep up with me more regularly (if you're bothered!)

Happy New Year!

Nicola x


  1. I can't wait to see the new site, eeek how exciting! And we can grow peachy booty's together!



    1. Thanks so much babs, I think you will love it! ;) yasssssss, booty friends!! haha! xxx


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