3 Budget Beauty Buys

I never thought I'd say this, but the other day I ran out of body butter. In recent months I've become a little obsessed with using some form of body moisturiser every morning after my shower and it has got to the point where if I don't use anything I feel like crepe paper...high-maintanence? Perhaps. Nonetheless, I made a note to pick some form of body butter up during my next supermarket pitstop, so when I visited Sainsburys the other day I headed to the beauty aisle - a place I usually try and avoid in order to protect my bank balance. While I was there I naturally remembered that I just had to pick up a couple of other products (which is why aforementioned bank-balance-protection-measures are needed - I enable myself far too easily). In my defence, multiple skincare items have been running dangerously low recently, and I did look for the friendly red sale sticker when making my choices.

First, the body butter purchase. Dove's Derma Spa Goodness3 Body Cream was one of few tubbed body-moisturisers on sale so I popped it straight in my basket. For some reason, I find using a body moisturiser in a tub far more satisfying than a tube...is that just me?! I love the scent of this cream, although I imagine it wouldn't be for everyone: the only way I can describe it is that it smells clean, fresh and floral, and randomly reminds me of my late Nanna which makes me feel quite nostalgic, but nice.

Now onto the two skincare products I picked up for around £2 each on sale if I remember correctly! I've not used any Nivea products before (apart from the infamous post-shave balm as a primer) but as they were on sale and I've seen a few bloggers talking about them recently I thought I'd give them a go. I've been quite strict with my skincare over the past year since discovering Caroline Hirons, but when money is tight you can't be too picky! My basic cleanser and toner are both running low so I picked up what looked like similar products from the Nivea Daily Essentials range: the Refreshing Cleansing Lotion and Toner. Nothing to write home about so far, but nothing offensive either: cheap, simple skincare that will keep me going until I have some spare cash to repurchase pricier products! I use the cleansing lotion as a morning cleanser or for my first cleanse if I have no makeup to remove but want to do a double-cleanse at night regardless. I love acid toners but don't like to use them twice a day, so this toner works well for those in-between skincare sessions.

Have you picked up any budget beauty buys recently? Let me know - I'm always on the hunt for new products, especially if they're purse-friendly!

N x


  1. I love a good bargain product, I have been buying the imperial leather shower gels they have such nice scents, marshmallow, mango and there's banana and then one that smells like sweets too, they are 90p in Asda and really nice :) The Simple toner is fab too for £2.99, great post as always darling xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Ooooh marshmallow shower gel sounds amazing - and 90p is perfect!! Going to see if I can get them in my next Asda delivery... Thanks Zo!x


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