Acrylic Makeup Storage

Acrylic Makeup Storage was at one time a must-have for beauty bloggers as it is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing - two very important things. I've recently given my makeup collection a little overhaul and sort out, putting my two acrylic makeup holders to better use and I'm pretty pleased with how they look!

I've managed to cut down my lipstick collection so that they all fit in these holders perfectly, which is great apart from the fact that I may now have to enforce a one-in-one-out policy...I mean, look at how perfect the Mac lipsticks look! Either that or I'll have to just store my most-used lipsticks in these holders, and keep others in my makeup drawer. Decisions, decisions - first world problems right? I originally thought I would have to end up storing the Mac lipsticks upside down as finding the right shade is such a pain otherwise, however I had a brainwave while writing this post and have since put them in alphabetical order, the right way up. This has both saved me time, and kept the perfectionist in me happy - win, win!

If you're looking for acrylic makeup storage like mine, try TKMaxx, Home Sense or simply amazon! Here's the link to one that is similar to my lipstick-only holder, and here's the link to a similar one to my larger acrylic holder that also holds my face spray and perfumes (they're by Marc Jacobs and Next btw!).

How do you store your lipsticks?

N x


  1. Oh my word I always see these and never know where to find them! And it's only £5.54?! so good

    1. I know! I always spot loads in TKMaxx and Home Sense, or just order them online = easy!x

  2. This is so good and so affordable too, I will definitely be checking it out as we're having our room decorated soon and I'm looking for makeup storage xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. They look pretty and they're practical - what more could you want?!x


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