#NottsAlzheimersMeetup - Brands, Goodybag & Prizes!

In case you've missed it, I've already blogged (and vlogged!) about Saturday's #NottsAlzheimersMeetup - click here to have a read or here to watch. That post was super long, so I thought I would dedicate a separate blog post to the amazing brands who were involved in the meet up in whatever capacity.

The first brand that I have to mention is Weleda, a natural skincare brand. Weleda Advisor Clare Heyting talked to us about Weleda's philosophy and a range of their products, including their hero product: Skin Food. We were each lucky enough to receive a tube of Skin Food in our goodybags as well as a sample sachet of Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash. I was also lucky enough to win a box of Weleda body lotions which is excellent timing (if you read this post you'll know why!). Thanks so much Clare (and Weleda)!

I was clearly having a bit of a lucky streak on Saturday was a winner in the raffle that Ellie had organised. I threw caution to the wind and bought two tickets (after all, the money was being donated to a great cause) and won two prizes! The first prize I picked out was from Jurlique as I've heard a lot of good things about the brand but never tried any of their products. Inside the bag was a beautiful box (10/10 for packaging!) containing four individually boxed hand creams that I am very excited to try. Despite not having tried the products yet I can feel myself falling in love with the brand and I'm so pleased I've got a chance to try some of their products that I probably wouldn't have otherwise picked up - so thank you Jurlique!

The second raffle prize I chose was a rather large box from Georgia Lee Candles. We each received a little bag of gorgeously scented wax from Georgia Lee Candles in our goody bags, but they (or it might be she...not sure if it is a one-woman show over there!) were kind enough to donate a huge box of scented candle goodies for the raffle! Now that we live in our own home, I've grown rather fond of having candles and wax-melt-holder-things around the house, so when I opened up the box I was gobsmacked and thrilled by how full it was! They will last me years and that excites me no end. Thanks Georgia Lee Candles!

Now lets move on to a run through of all the amazing brands who contributed to our goodybags! The bags themselves were provided by Made By Talented and I'm so happy to finally have a durable bag that is big enough to carry my food shopping home in. 

I'm going to link the rest of the brands in list-form below, to avoid this post being ridiculously lengthy (again) - but be sure to check back for more in-depth reviews in the future! Click on the name of the brand to be taken to their website, click on the name of the product to be taken to the product page.

(I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this - so excited)

(I've seen these sorts of scrubs all over Instagram so looking forward to trying one for myself)

There was also information about Merumaya's #beautyhasnoage campaign which is really interesting and inspiring - check it out here.

(Already been giving this a go and love it so far)

(Not entirely sure how to use this yet, but I'm very excited to learn more - about both the product and the brand)

(Ms Flow is such a great concept - receive a box in time for your time every time)

(I think I'm going to use this for highlighting...or setting powder? Either way, yay for new brushes!)

(This smells so lovely, I've been spritzing it frequently the past few days!)

(I love the shades in this palette - I used to love Collection 2000 so excited to try something from them again)

(I've got a long and busy day tomorrow so will be testing this out then - very intrigued by a natural energy drink!)

Any brands you recognise? Have you tried any of these products? Leave me a comment or tweet me! I have to give another huge shoutout and thank you to Ellie for both organising the meetup and getting all these fantastic brands involved!

N x


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