On Saturday I headed into Nottingham city centre for the #NottsAlzheimersMeetup: an event to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer's Society whilst also getting the chance to meet and mingle with other bloggers. The meetup was single-handedly arranged by Ellie (of uniquelovestyle.com), who I had met at a previous Nottingham-based blog meetup in 2014. Ellie did an incredible job with no detail missed: the venue was spot-on, involvement from brands was excellent and the afternoon consisted of a perfect balance of beauty-blogger-chat and informative fundraising.

We had the back room of Edin's Deli CafĂ© Nottingham for the afternoon: with a table laden with raffle prizes, a table for the guest speaker and a table for us to sit, eat and natter it was the perfect intimate and informal setting. I arrived with Molly and Lora and typically food was my first priority. After far too long spent deliberating (it all looked so good - between the set menu, other main meals and the tapas I just couldn't decide!) I opted for the set menu: melon and parma ham to start, followed by the roast tomato and feta risotto. The food was delicious and the set menu was incredible value so I was a happy bunny from the get go! 

Once we'd ordered food we settled down to do what bloggers do best: chat chat chat, take photos and have a sneak peak at our goodybags. Ellie had laid the room out beautifully - an intriguingly large goodybag waited for each of us on our chairs (each labelled with Ellie's picture-perfect handwriting), the raffle table looked equally exciting and there was a lovely display of charity information, as well some personal photos of Ellie's grandad. Devastatingly, Ellie lost her grandad after his long battle with Alzheimer's a few years ago, which is what prompted her to organise this meetup to raise both funds and awareness for Alzheimer's Society and Dementia Friends. Ellie and her mum bravely shared their story of what it was like having a family member with dementia, which I could quietly relate to: I also lost my grandad to dementia and I know just how cruel a disease it is. I was more than happy to donate and learn more about the charities that are out there to support those with Alzheimer's and their loved ones. I was particularly inspired when hearing about Dementia Friends and have since had a look at their website and am considering signing up to be either a friend or a champion in the near future.

After Ellie and her mum chatted to us about their experience, our food arrived and provided the perfect opportunity to have a natter to one another before the mysterious guest speaker arrived. Ellie gave us a clue that the brand in question was a natural skincare brand and Molly guessed correctly - we were having a visit from a Weleda Advisor! Clare Heyting was great at sharing her knowledge and excitement about Weleda products - watch my blog to see her in action and to get a glimpse at the products she shared with us. She also told us that we would all be invited to visit Weleda (as they are located near Nottingham) so we are all excited for a bloggers road trip! At the end of her talk, Clare showed us two prizes up for grabs: the cutest pair of Weleda wellies you ever saw and a little box of Weleda body lotions. Lora won the wellies and yours truly the body lotion! Well chuffed.

To finish off the day we had a raffle: most of us had bought two tickets and there were a fair few prizes up for grabs, all hidden in paper bags and labelled accordingly. All the girls won a prize (some of us two!) which ended the afternoon on an almost-Christmas-day vibe! I'll share my prizes and goodybag details on a separate post, as this one is already crazy-long.

Once again I'd like to give a huge shoutout and thank you to Ellie (@EllieLouuu) for organising such a fantastic afternoon. Ellie, you did such a great job and should be ridiculously proud of yourself - we had a lot of fun and you raised money and awareness for a very special cause. Your grandad would be really proud.

I'd also like to give a shoutout to the other fabulous ladies at the #NottsAlzheimersMeetup: my friends Molly (@RoseBeautyFiles) and Lora (@lorakday), and the three girls I met for the first time on Saturday: Sherry (@SherryScribbles), Nishah (@nishah_97), and Sarah (@EntirelySarah) - they're all such nice girls and you should definitely check them out.

Phew. What a long post - can you tell I had a great afternoon on Saturday?! Click on the photo at the top of this blog post to watch my vlog of the day. Make sure to check out Alzheimer's Society and Dementia Friends - dementia affects so many people and really is a very hard thing to live through, both for the sufferer and their family, so please take some time to have a read and donate or volunteer if you can.

N x


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