Hello September!

September is finally here! At least, that's how it feels to me. The summer has been so so long and I'm feeling ready for autumn and a fresh start. Don't get me wrong, I love having a long summer break but after 3 full months I'm feeling a bit restless! Here's what's in store for me this month:

Today marks the start of a new fitness journey: Lucy Wyndham Read's September workout challenge.  I've been using Lucy's workouts for the past few weeks and I really love them - she's down to earth, positive and encouraging and her workouts are easy to follow with something for everyone! Her September challenge includes workouts that are just 4 minutes long, making it something I can definitely commit to. Lucy uploads at 6.30pm but I workout in the morning, so tomorrow I'll be taking my 'before' photos and starting from day 1! I'll definitely be doing an update post at the end of the month, so make sure you don't miss that. To join the challenge, visit Lucy's YouTube Channel and use the hashtags #lucyssquad and #lucyschallenge.

September is my birthday month, which might help to explain my excitement! I'll be turning 22 and will be spending my birthday week up north with my family - a final holiday for Josh and I before my final year of uni. We're planning a day road-tripping around Yorkshire, a shopping trip to give my wardrobe a much-needed overhaul (you know things are getting desperate when you're still wearing t-shirts you had when you were 16...) and generally lots of good food, good company and good memory-making. I'm so excited!

The end of the month sees the start of my third and final year of my degree! How time flies. I'm really looking forward to uni starting up again, it'll be great to have my friends back and I'm determined to really make my final year count - both academically and socially.

Blog & YouTube
I'm vlogging. I've always loved YouTube - the only reason I started a blog instead of a channel years ago was because I was too scared to get in front of the camera and film! I love blogging, but I really want to keep dipping my toe in the YouTube pond, so expect a mixture of content over the next few weeks.

What does September hold for you? Are you as excited for autumn as I am? Get in touch - leave me a comment or tweet me and let me know what you're up to!

Nic x

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