I'm Feeling 22!

In my Hello September blog post, I mentioned that September is my birthday month, which is one of the reasons I welcomed the month with open arms! I turned 22 on the 13th, but my birthday celebrations spanned 10 days, which doesn't usually happen but I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it (ok, that's a lie - I was excruciatingly ill a couple of nights, but other than that I had a great time).

Josh and I headed up north to spend the week with my family. My parents no longer live in my childhood home which actually makes visiting them a whole lot easier (I would find it very bittersweet going back to stay in my old bedroom) and they now have a guest bedroom with a little ensuite which means that Josh and I have a lot of space to ourselves and we don't all get under each other's feet (we leave that to the dogs!). Speaking of the pups, spending time with them was definitely a highlight of the week. I miss them so much so being able to spend so much time with them was really great, and I think they enjoyed seeing us too!

On Monday morning my dad and I headed up to Craghouse Farm to have brunch in The Granary - a restaurant and social enterprise that supports the incredible work of the charity Caring For Life. Unfortunately Josh was struck down with man flu so was unable to join us, but we ate plenty on his behalf...! We spent a couple of hours there with my grandparents and godparents - some of us sticking with coffee and cake and others adding in a bacon butty or crumpets for good measure...yes, I was in that party. For the rest of the day we chilled out at home, nursing Josh back to health and having quality Poppet and Oliver play time.

On Tuesday morning my birthday dreams came true - Josh got Taylor Swift playing and I spent the first few minutes of my birthday having a sing-and-dance-along sesh (did I turn 2 or 22? Not sure). Unfortunately Josh's man flu was even worse than the day before, but he managed to make it out of bed to watch me open presents and have a chilled birthday breakfast. The weather was absolutely beautiful (I believe one of the hottest September days in history or something?) so after some deliberation we decided that Josh should stay at home and recover (which he was able to do in the sunshiney garden), while my parents and I had a morning enjoying the sunshine in Knaresborough. We spent the morning browsing boutiques and an incredible art gallery, taking pictures and eating. We had lunch in the sunshine followed by what was probably the last ice-cream of the year! We headed back after lunch to spend the afternoon in the garden enjoying the sun with Josh, Poppet and Oliver. In the evening my sister and I went to visit the dogs we used to dog-sit and picked up a takeaway from my favourite childhood Chinese takeaway - perfect!

On Wednesday Jen took the day off and took me to White Rose for a sister shopping trip! We shopped til we dropped and I had my first Krispy Kreme experience...I can wholeheartedly say that are far from overrated. In the evening we went to Pizza express with Jen's boo and Josh, which was lovely.

By Thursday Josh had recovered from his man flu and we drove the scenic route to skipton, where we mooched around the town before lunch in the Cake'Ole (as highly recommended by my mum). Josh enjoyed a huge sandwich and I indulged in a panini. For dessert we had ordered the chocolate fondue, but when it arrived it was pretty small so we asked for a slice of cake to share as well...our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs! We couldn't finish either pudding, but thoroughly enjoyed them. I'll definitely be visiting again when we're next up north - there were so many cakes to choose from that I need to go back to try them all! In the afternoon we crashed out on the sofa with our food babies and had a Friends marathon - I used to hate the show, but Josh got me hooked!

After a week of sunshine the heavens opened, so we took a trip to the new retail park in Kirkstall. Josh had trainer success in JD Sports and we stocked up in Holland & Barrett (and came away with four free packets of chocolate raisins..thanks guys!). A trip to Guiseley and a lovely cooked meal followed by birthday cupcakes finished off our week nicely.

We drove home on Friday evening, so Saturday was spent unpacking, washing and finding homes for all my birthday goodies. My final birthday celebration of the week was being taken out for a meal to Ask Italian, where I was told I could order whatever I liked, so I did. I had a night out with my girls the following Thursday which was really fun - I rarely go out for various reasons but it was lovely to be treated like the birthday princess for a night!

Wow...that was a long post. I'm sure not many people will have read the entire thing, but in all honesty posts like this are more for me to look back on! Let me know if you have given it a read though. I hope your September has been a good one - I can't believe how quickly it has gone...time flies when you're having fun.

N x


  1. I love Knaresborough, such a beautiful place :) the Cake 'Ole looks incredible!


    1. It is stunning isn't it? And the fact that we had beautiful weather made it even better! You HAVE to visit the Cake 'Ole - not only for the food but for the decor as well! x

  2. It looks like you had an amazing day! Look at all those cards! X

    1. I had an amazing WEEK! Such a lucky 22-year-old!x


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