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Rush hair are opening a new salon in Nottingham city centre and last night I got the chance to visit the salon before the official opening! We were greeted with a drink and nibbles and shown around the salon before being offered the chance to speak to the staff about cuts, colouring, or styling.

On first impressions the salon appears fairly small, but once you're in it's clear how cleverly the space has been used to give a spacious yet intimate feel for the client. There are a few styling stations downstairs, leading to a hidden-away, almost spa-like area where there are a couple of sinks, meaning that you can have your hair washed without feeling on show to by passers-by or other clients. There's another space like this upstairs, but the real winner is the room at the top of the stairs. It is bright and light and spacious, and I'm sure if you sat up here for an hour or two you'd certainly get that feeling of exclusivity, luxury and VIP...which we all like the chance to indulge in once in a while, right?!

While Molly and I were upstairs we met Aaron, one of the Rush team, who offered to braid our hair. Now, Molly and I could not have more dissimilar hair if we tried - her's is super long, ultra sun-kissed and very voluminous full, while mine is ash brow, fairly flat and newly super-short! I was intrigued to see what Aaron would come up with for us both. After taming some flyaways with ghds, Aaron pulled Molly's hair all to one side and did the most impressive and gorgeous fishtail braid. Once it was stretched out it looked so full and catwalk-esque and Molly was really happy with it! Aaron went to the opposite end of the spectrum with my hair and did a teeny little french plait on the side of my head, the end of which he pinned underneath one of my curls and spritzed with hairspray to give a really cool, edgy style. Aaron was so friendly and chatty and, basically, the ultimate babe who made us feel really welcome and special.

The stylist advice didn't stop there, as downstairs we spoke to Warren about colour. Molly and I tend to play it safe when it comes to our hair, but we've both been thinking of switching things up for a while, so it was really nice to hear Warren's thoughts and advice on what colours would be best for us. He was also refreshingly honesty about the process it would take to get us from A to B. I for one left Rush with plenty of food for thought about my hair colour (and cut - but don't tell anyone!) and am definitely going to consider trying something new!

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed and inspired by Rush - I'll definitely be visiting them again soon for the free blow-dry we all received in our goody bags! Even if you don't live in Nottingham, I'd definitely suggest using Rush's salon finder to see if they have a salon near you. They have a loyalty scheme which looks pretty rewarding, and if you go to one of their newer salons you can get 50% off your first visit, which is definitely worth taking advantage of!

I also want to say a big thank you to Claire for inviting me to this event and to all the staff at Rush Nottingham for making it a great evening, and for giving us each a lovely goodybag to take home!

N x


  1. Was lovely meeting you last night! Lovely blog post :D xxx

    1. Lovely to meet you too! Thank you!x

  2. I loved the RUSH event! It's such a lovely salon and the staff are great. I wish I'd had chance to say hi to you, maybe next time! :)

    Gemma x
    The Gem Agenda - A UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Glad you enjoyed it too - hopefully there will be more events in and around Nottingham in the next few months. I couldn't believe how many bloggers were there, it was tricky to get to chat to everyone! Yes, definitely next time x


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