The 8 Stages of Fake Tanning

1. Denial - This foundation shade is absolutely fine! Just blend it down my neck a bit...see, perfect.

2. Acceptance - Face it, you look like Edward Cullen, minus the glitter...you can't pull off the English Rose look.

3. Excitement - Ok, I love tanning! Summer glow all year round, what more could you want? And it'll look so natural too - definitely not streaky.

4. Preparation - Is it really necessary to shave and exfoliate everywhere...?

5. Application - Seriously, how does anyone ever tan their back?! And do I really need to tan my boobs?

6. Regret - Ugh now I'll have to change the bedsheets tomorrow. Why does fake tan smell so bad?

7. Rinsing - Wow, I look orange. And I'm so sticky...and the smell is giving me a headache. Shower, pronto.

8. Completion - Success! Why don't I keep on top of this?! I love being tanned. Ah, tad orange round my fingers. Hardly noticeable though, all good.

Please tell me you can relate?!

Nic x


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