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Last night I was lucky enough to go to Red Dog Saloon for a complimentary meal* as I was unable to go to their launch event last month! Josh and I love going out for dinner for date night, but we often stick to the same places (read: Pizza Express) so we were really excited to try somewhere new. Red Dog Saloon is an American-style restaurant and unlike anywhere I've been before. I've tried 'diners' (like Ed's...who do the best milkshakes ever by the way) but this had a very different feel to it: its dark and spacious with tables for two, booths for groups, a bar and very American, Wild Wild West decor. Think cowboys rather than Danny and Sandy!

I'd been perusing the menu ahead of our visit as I always spend ages choosing so like to give myself a bit of a head start! There are so many choices and if you're a big meat-eater the menu will definitely get you excited. I'm not a huge burger fan, but even I found them very tempting (particularly the goats cheese one!) and there are plenty of other options too. First off, I opted for a Strawberry Caipiroska cocktail which was delish and very photogenic which always helps!

Josh and I opted for the wing sampler to share as a starter and chose the Original Buffalo, Bar-B-Q and Maple & Bacon flavours. I wasn't too sure about Maple & Bacon but was so pleasantly surprised - it was yummy and very different to anything I've tried before! We both loved the Bar-B-Q wings too, the flavour was strong, authentic and delicious. Josh tried the Original Buffalo wings before I did and I must say I'm very glad he did - they were so spicy! We had no idea they'd be that hot, Josh enjoyed a few when he smothered them in the creamy sauce served with the wings, but I tried one finger-dip of the sauce and it blew my head off, so bare that in mind if you don't like spicy flavours. Next time I think I'll be tempted to just have two lots of Bar-B-Q or Maple & Bacon as we loved them so much!

The other thing I'd say to keep in mind at Red Dog Saloon is the portion sizes. Being American-inspired cuisine, we should have anticipated this, but we didn't. Josh opted for The Texan burger and really enjoyed it - he is a burger fan and the portion size wasn't too ginormous which was great. I opted for the Southern Fried Chicken dinner we chose Macaroni Cheese and Mozzarella sticks to have on the side. The portion sizes? Huge! The southern fried chicken was nice (especially when drizzled with BBQ sauce) and next time I'd probably just have one piece with a side. The mozzarella sticks were also huge but my god they tasted good! I'd definitely recommend them, although you might need to share with someone else.

You'd have thought I'd learnt my lesson about portion sizes after our main courses, however I just had to order a dessert. I can't find the dessert menu online so the exact name escapes me...but it was an oreo and white chocolate cheesecake-style, super rich and indulgent delicious thing. The slice was, you guessed it, huge, BUT it was yummy and I would have devoured it all if I wasn't worried about bursting out of my skinny jeans.

All in all we had a great evening at Red Dog Saloon and I'd highly recommend it! The decor was amazing, the food was amazing and I also have to give a shout out to the staff who were also amazing. They were attentive, happy and very helpful which is an important factor for me when I'm eating out! Red Dog Saloon has three restaurants in London so if you're ever down south and fancy some American food get yourself over to Hoxton Square, Clapham North or Soho. The Nottingham branch that I visited yesterday is the first outside of London which is really exciting, so if you live in or near Nottingham I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

N x

*Red Dog Saloon kindly invited me to try their menu at the new Nottingham store! Of course, as always, this is an honest review and the thoughts and photos are my own.

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