Skinnydip London Wishlist

I managed to narrow down my phone case wishlist...just about! Absolutely obsessed. Just imagine the squid one or the floaty shark one lying next to you on the sun lounger on a July day while you top up your tan! YASS. The poo one one is probably my personal fave - that emoji has such a special place in my heart. I've always been a sucker for pastel pink accessories so loved this makeup bag immediately, and the stickers would make it so fetch.

Aaaaand badass Nic has emerged. At least, I wish I was this badass. Love love love the Ace phone case! This, the poo keyring and the floral splashes of colour really make this quite "me". I think I felt partially inspired by Jamie Genevieve's givenchy tote and it just spiralled from there really... So, how does one become a badass? Any tips welcome.

So the question is, what should I treat myself to first?!

Nic x

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  1. Can we have 1 of everything??? These are all amazing




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