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I'm not going to start this post by saying I'm a die-hard Disney fan, however since finding out that I'm going to Disneyland Paris next year my love for all things Disney has been unleashed! I'm obsessed with Disney films (they're just such easy viewing when life is tough, you know?) and like most children I grew up dreaming about going to Disneyland, but never got the chance until now. I picked up The Disney Book a few months ago as a little Christmas present to myself and thought I'd share my thoughts with you today.

This is my kind of coffee table book...if you could call it that. You should never judge a book by its cover, but if you are that way inclined then I'd have to say that this book is just as stunning inside as it is at first glance. Not only is it beautiful, but the content is really special too. There's a full timeline of Disney films and events and in-depth information on the movies and the whole Disney story, with beautiful artwork to accompany the words throughout.

I'm so glad I picked this book up - it is a great one to read from cover to cover or to just dip in and out of. It has given me a deeper insight into what Disney is all about and has left me feeling even more enthusiastic about my upcoming trip to Disneyland! If you're at all into Disney I'd definitely recommend picking this up as a treat for yourself or as a stunning unique present for any Disney fan in your life. You can buy The Disney Book here!

Nic x


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